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The One Where We Got Kicked Out Of McDonalds | Geek Blog 357

Hands up if you’ve ever been kicked out of McDonalds? *slowly raises hand*

I will definitely have to consult my college friends, but I’m PRETTY sure this is a first for me. πŸ˜†

Kicked out of McDonalds
Sorry Ronald

After some speedy Christmas shopping at the local mall with E and my Dad, we decided to grab a quick McDonalds before heading home.

Evenings can get chilly here so we planned to sit inside, ordered our food on the screens and then waited at the table for the server to bring the food over. When our trays arrived the server asked to see each of our COVID passes and ID. My Dad’s code isn’t recognized on the app as he lives outside the EU so we were told (nicely mind) to leave and eat outside.

We were only allowed inside if we had valid COVID passes. Tomorrow I’m going to have to register my parents on the NHS app because the UK letter version of the COVID pass has no scannable QR code on it. Fingers crossed it works as more places are starting to ask for passes when ordering and we do enjoy our coffee and cakes. 😁

It was actually nice sitting outside and I got a Tom and Jerry Happy Meal toy haha.

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