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Just Dance Throwback, Yoga + Day 13 of Ring Fit Challenge

Good evening! I hope you’ve all had a lovely Sunday. I’ve had a pretty chill day. I was craving grilled chicken and rice today so we grabbed a takeaway from one of our favourite places. It was SO good! I told myself I wasn’t going to play Ring Fit today and do some yoga but I will see how I feel in an hour. My arms have started to ache quite a bit this afternoon from Exertion River but I also feel full of energy.

Geek Fit

So a funny thing happened. I was going through my old laptop and I found 7 videos of me dancing to various Just Dance songs. They are dated 2010 haha. I uploaded the first one to my YouTube channel this afternoon, in case you didn’t see it yet, I’ve dropped it below.

If you are a Family Guy fan you may find it extra funny, I don’t know, haha let me know and please subscribe to my channel. I’m going to be uploading similar stuff (from this decade too) and try to document my fitness gaming journey.

2010 me dancing to Surfin Bird Just Dance on the Nintendo Wii

I’m actually really excited to get back into Just Dance for the September Fitness Gaming Challenge! 😁

Fit By 40: Day 13 / 14 of the Ring Fit Adventure Challenge

Yoga With Adriene Bedtime Yoga and a Power Walk
Power walk and then Yoga

No Ring Fit today but I still worked out. This is what I’m looking forward to in next month’s challenge, the choice to mix it up a bit. I think I’m still going to be playing RFA for the majority because I’m pleased with the results I’ve had so far and the game is really fun.

In the end I went on a power walk and then did Yoga with Adriene’s 12 Minute Bedtime Yoga. It was a really nice way to wind down.

12 minute bedtime yoga

On This Day 2017

  • Watching
    • Just watched Season 3 Episode 9 aka The Red Wedding – Game of Thrones 🤢⚔😳 I wasn’t expecting THAT!!
    • I bought the first GOT book for my Dad and it looked bigger than Goblet of Fire which is overwhelming me 🤣
    • Eating my words, Jamie Lannister can be removed from my list – he’s totally saved Brienne from a big ass bear. Now I ship them.

On This Day 2016

  • Watching
    • I just marathoned all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls in 2 months. I was hoping Rory would have her own blog.
    • My parents watched a couple episodes while they visited, they couldn’t stand Lorelai’s fast talking.

On This Day 2015

I would NEVER move from my sofa if they make an Animal Crossing for the WiiU! 😜