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Just Dance Surfin Bird

So a funny thing happened. I was going through my old laptop and I found this video of me dancing to the original Just Dance Surfin Bird. If you are a Family Guy fan you may find it extra funny as you know it’s Peter Griffin’s favourite song aka Bird is The Word by The Trashmen. It sure was amusing to look back on and my earlier journey into fitness gaming.

I decided it was too funny not to share on YouTube so here it is. There’s a bunch of other active gaming videos on the channel too, check out the Fitness Game Club playlist. This Just Dance was on the Nintendo Wii when we had WiiMotes with the plastic covers on them, handy for sweaty games like this. Looking back this game definitely helped keep me in shape along with my then very active job as a family hotel entertainer which involved a lot of movement and dancing.

2010 me dancing to Surfin Bird Just Dance on the Nintendo Wii

There are actually a total of 7 videos of me dancing to various Just Dance songs on the Wii. They are all dated 2010. Do you think I should release another one into the world? Iā€™m actually really excited to get back into Just Dance during the next Fitness Gaming Challenge, it’s been too long. šŸ¤£

What’s your favourite Just Dance song old or new?

Thanks for watching and reading,
Vikki šŸ¤£