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June Fitness Gaming Challenge 2021

Weight-loss results for this challenge

June 1st start weight: 76.1 kg
June 30th end weight: 76.7 kg
Total weight loss after 30 days: gained 0.6kg

Day 5

This morning I did a Ring Fit Adventure workout AND went on my bike. I reached level 12! I stormed the factory and found the blender. Then spent all my coins on cute Crystal Dancer workout gear. 😊

Ring Fit Adventure Level 12
Ring Fit Adventure Level 12

It tired me out and I’ll probably feel it tomorrow but it felt good. We are supposed to be getting a heatwave and sandstorm tomorrow with temps over 30ºC so I’m going to make sure I stay well hydrated.

Day 8

Nintendo Switch and Firgas Volcano Sparkling Water from Canary Islands
Ring Fit Adventure Level 13

Day 18

The past few days I’ve really gotten serious about working out and today I’m aching all over. I only had a tiny weight loss but I can feel myself getting stronger. I hit level 14 on Ring Fit Adventure! Today is definitely a rest day.

Ring Fit Adventure Level 14
The reason for my muscle aches and my nicely toned back