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Fitness Boxing 2 Demo

July Fitness Gaming Challenge 2022

I’m so excited to announce that the 30 Day Fitness Gaming Challenge is back for July! Each day I’ll be updating my progress here on the blog with workout photos, motivation and videos. My goal is to be Fit at 40, which is a long term goal and my focus ...

I’m so excited to announce that the 30 Day Fitness Gaming Challenge is back for July!

Each day I’ll be updating my progress here on the blog with workout photos, motivation and videos. My goal is to be Fit at 40, which is a long term goal and my focus for these challenges. If you have a blog or YouTube let me know in the comments and I’ll check it out, I can’t wait to see your updates too.

Weight-loss results for this challenge

July 1st start weight: 73 kg
July 30th end weight: 72.4 kg
Total weight loss this 30 days: 0.6 kg

Day 1 – Let’s go!

This morning I was feeling hyped enough to film my workout so I decided on Ring Fit Adventure for day 1. It was time to confront Allegra in Beaut Camp aka leg day! I was brave and decided to film my workout plus I reached LEVEL 43! Congrats to all the club who joined in on Day 1.

Ring Fit Adventure Level 43
Ring Fit Adventure Level 43

Day 2

This morning I woke up with a banging headache and my blocked sinus has returned. I’m calling today a rest day. I was a bit annoyed after finally getting my energy back post-COVID but I listened to my body.

I spent time with E and the dogs and watched Stranger Things. The 2km I did accumulate throughout the day, I hatched a Cryogonal in Pokémon Go from an egg I had been holding onto since December apparently.

Cryogonal Pokémon Go

Here’s to a better day tomorrow, I’m updating quickly as I’ve just taken some more cold and flu medicine.

Day 3

So I can’t fathom how I was able to do that Ring Fit workout on Friday haha. Today I am DRAINED and my chest is tight. However I did manage to do several short walks to get some air and hatch a Yungoos from a 2km Pokémon egg. A small victory. E made us a lovely chicken and veggie curry to get those nutrients in. 💖

tried my best for day 3

Day 4

I tried my best today, made a point of getting out to play Pokémon GO and hit some gyms. Caught an Oranguru. Post-COVID sucks but tomorrow is a new day 💪🏼

Day 5

Well today was a definite improvement. I woke up very early but managed to go back to sleep which I needed because I was awake half the night with a slight fever. When I did get up I popped on my leggings and favourite Baby Yoda socks and headed to my bike.

I connected my iPad to the PlayStation via the app with the intention of playing some games as inspired by Cynni aka PlayStation Pixy. 😅 I was trying for 15 minutes to get my Dualshock to connect, I was doing it wrong haha but at least it passed the time. I was SWEATING after that and had to sit down.

Playing PlayStation from my bike
a new definition of fitness gaming? 😄

To keep momentum I then found my favourite Latino music playlist and brushed and mopped the whole house, which is tiled right through. I used the ‘Other’ workout option on my Apple watch for this and managed to burn the same amount of calories as I did on the bike.

My Pokémon returned from the gyms we went to yesterday so I was able to purchase the black frame glasses for my trainer. The next item I want is the Dedenne knit cap, so I think we’ll hit some more Pokégyms tomorrow.

Day 6

First of all, well done me for getting up at a decent time, throwing on workout gear and getting to the bike. I managed to connect my controller and probably played the best game of Fall Guys from my bike. After 15 minutes of cycling and gaming I was done and sweating so bad. Hopefully I’ll go for a walk later once it cools down so I can close my rings and earn some Pokémon GO coins.

playing fall guys from my bike
playing Fall Guys from my bike

Day 7

This morning’s workout was Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm and Exercise on Nintendo Switch. There’s a free (3 days) demo on the Nintendo eShop if you want to check it out. I like it! I took a bunch of screenshots and videos, so hopefully I’ll have a little review up once I’ve done the full 3 days.

Fitness Boxing 2 Demo
Fitness Boxing 2 Demo

Day 8

I’m aching from boxing yesterday and we have a 40°C heatwave/desert storm incoming so I declared today a yoga day. The 7 minute Yoga Boost with Adriene is my go to for days like this as it’s a standing yoga practice and no messing about rolling the mat out. I swear this makes my whole body tingle (in a good way) every time. You’ll probably hear me go on about this a lot but it works.

7 minute yoga boost

Once it cooled down a bit we headed out for a Pokéwalk, it was nice that Pokémon Go gave me a weather warning to check I was safe. I hatched a Darumaka from a 10km egg, caught a party hat Pikachu and a Buneary who I didn’t have. I managed 4,16km overall which I’m pleased with and is a great improvement on last week.

Pokemon Go weather warning

Tomorrow is meant to be 43ºC degrees and our government has warned us to stay at home if possible in the hottest hours between 11am and 5pm. So it might be more light yoga for me, I’ll see but I won’t be doing anything crazy if it turns out to be that hot. Staying out of the sun, eating light healthy food and keeping hydrated will be my priority.

Day 9

I played a new fitness game called mopfit (patent pending) 🤣 It was very hot today, as it was in most of the world, it wasn’t possible even possible to walk the dogs. After they had gone home I did some intense cleaning while the AC was still on.

Day 10

A sweaty evening Pokéwalk, all rings closed, caught a Helioptile in the wild and hit some gyms. 😅

Day 11

I’m struggling with my kidneys today, my poor beans have been working too hard in these high temps. It was an AC and rest day for me with a short walk later on once it had ‘cooled’ down to 28ºC!

Day 12

I was feeling better today but had a few stomach issues, probably from the heat. Once sun started to set I headed off for a nice Pokéwalk, so glad it cooled down a bit. I got to work on a 7km egg and added a Corphish to my Pokedex. 😊

Day 13

I’m working on a 7km Pokémon Go egg. I bought a cute Dedenne beanie with my coins from gym battles and closed my Apple watch rings.

Day 14

Struggled with my kidneys and the heat again today, I haven’t recovered from the other day when it was almost 40°C. I’m having an early night to see if that helps.

Day 15

We are officially halfway through the July challenge! 👏🏼

Took it easy today and had a nice Pokéstroll. I added Purugly, Drifblim and Ledian to my Pokédex. Closed my apple watch rings, felt good for the walk, hydrated and rested.

Day 16

Still taking it easy, closed my rings, played Pokémon GO and evolved this absolute a Nidoking.

Day 17

Closed my rings, hydrated and took a walk after lunch. There’s not much you can do when it’s dangerously hot.

Day 18

Closed my rings, took a sweaty Pokéwalk as usual. I also did some decluttering and sorted donations, that added some steps on.

Day 19

Took a pokéwalk, hatched Exeggcute and closed my rings.

Day 20

Another very hot day, we had our family dogs today. We had a 6 mins real life Pokéwalk for bathroom only, it’s too hot for their paws. Cleaned the house very energetically while the AC was on.

Day 21

Another very hot day, next few days is forecast 35-40°C. Evening walks are the only way at the moment, working on a 10km eggie

Day 22

An sweaty evening Pokéwalk in 71% humidity and 24°C. We were drenched when we got back, I can’t imagine walking further than 2km in these conditions. Hatched Mienfoo from 10km egg and caught Clamperl

Day 23

I energetically cleaned the house while we had the AC on, we have a sandstorm and heatwave so the two combined make the air feel very heavy and hotter. We are basically breathing the desert in whenever we go outside. I hatched Rowlett from a 5km egg in Pokémon GO and evolved it to Dartrix, such a fancy gentleman. 😅

Day 24

It’s getting very difficult to workout in this heat. Local government recommend avoiding exercise when we have weather alerts and to eat fresh light food. We have the AC on right now but the last thing I feel like doing is jumping around the living room on Ring Fit, the heat has left me feeling very lethargic and sickly. Hopefully it will cool down soon and the sandstorm will blow away.

Day 25

Took my watch off to go swimming in the ocean and walking along the beach, it was so hot today! Later on I caught Archen and Lombre in Pokémon GO.

Day 26

I’ll be honest with you guys, I’m struggling with this never ending heatwave. With my kidney issues I will never force myself to work out in this heat, but I am feeling fed up with this situation and the constant sweating and fatigue. I’m eating light and staying hydrated. A reminder that the Fitness Game Club is there to motivate and support fitness journey through gaming but always take care of yourself and listen to your body (and Doctor)

Day 27

Caught this Electrode, is he special? I’ve never seen him before. I’m looking forward to it cooling down so I can go on a walk and use the new daily incense in Pokémon GO.

Day 28

Didn’t manage to close my rings today but we had a nice walk round the garden center and bought a lavender plant. 😄

Day 29

Congratulations to me on an active day haha. It’s cooled down to normal hot summer temperatures and there is a nice ocean breeze. We had a romantic Pokéwalk and used the new incense. I didn’t see results on my screen so I’m not sure if I skipped the screen by accident or what but the place we went walking had SO many Pokéstops and spawn points. I managed to catch a lot more than usual including my FIRST EVER SHINY! I’ve only been playing for 6 years hahah.

Day 30

Day 30 WOOHOO! We have reached the final day of the July 30 Day Fitness Gaming Challenge already. July 31st can be a rest day or a bonus day, it’s up to you. 30 days is usually the amount of days it takes to build a habit so do what feels right for you.

I have lost 0.6 kg which doesn’t sound much but it’s all working toward my goal. You can see weight-loss info at the top of the page.

Today we had Chester and Cooper so we didn’t walk much with it being hot but sure enough they kept me on my toes so I wasn’t sitting down long. I almost closed my apple watch rings and I’m pleased with that.

Final Thoughts

It feels like this challenge went by quickly and slowly at the same time. It was also my vacation month so there were plenty of treats, delicious food and lazy days along the way. I started off strong with Ring Fit Adventure and Fitness Boxing and Pokémon GO has been my saviour during the very hot days. We have another heatwave incoming so I’m not sure how things will map out for next month but I’m going to try my best and be sensible as I have done this last 30 days.

Well done to everyone who joined in and I hope to see you in the August 30 Day Fitness Gaming Challenge, starting August 1st.

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Thanks for reading,
Vikki 💖

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