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iPhone 6 Rumours

It’s hard being an Apple fan. Each year they release amazing tech, which usually results in huge queues outside of the nearest Apple Store. Despite my love for all things Apple Inc, I’ve never gone as far as camping outside the store. 😜

Sometimes it can be frustrating, no sooner have you saved up (or reluctantly signed a 2 year contract) for the latest iPhone, there’s another one in the pipeline. Yes I’m talking about the iPhone 6, which is expected for release in September this year. I have to admit, I do love watching the Apple keynotes online, but sadly they aren’t the same since Steve Jobs’ passing.

iPhone 6 rumours
iPhone size comparison

The latest iPhone 6 rumours are that there will be 2 devices, different sizes, both larger than the iPhone 5S, bridging the gap between iPhone and iPad. We are getting a new material for the screen, the ‘Sapphire crystal screen’ is going to stand up to scratches better than previous devices. Check out the video for iPhone Sapphire explained in more detail. An A8 chip is rumoured for this next generation of iPhone 6, making it super fast and efficient.

One more thing…
Of course I will keep you posted on any other iPhone 6 rumours, we still have a couple of months until the release and there may be some surprises.

Is the iPhone 6 on your wish list this year?