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Catching up with instagram yesterday, I saw this really cool image from Ben and Jerry’s that gave an illusion of the cloud being ice cream, with the tempting caption “Imagining Ice Cream?”

Of course I double tapped to show some love, when I realised, I’m not a follower of Ben and Jerry’s instagram, so how did this get in my feed? A quick look at the post, shows that there is ‘sponsored’ in the top right hand corner of the photo, where we would normally see the time stamp.

instagram sponsored post

The comments are also hidden so I quickly opened them and people were not happy. The thing is though, it’s sponsored and it actually worked. Although I don’t eat ice cream unless it’s lactose free, they have targeted me as someone who may like ice cream. If it was a crappy picture and something irrelevant to my taste, then maybe I would be a bit annoyed. But instagram is a free service people!

So, let’s move on to:

How to hide sponsored photos on Instagram?

If you really do not like the Instagram sponsored posts that are showing up in your newsfeed, there apparently are options. I presume, since this is now a Facebook company, it’s going to be much the same and we just opt out. After paying all that money FB have to make it back somehow I suppose.

how to stop instagram ads

So just look for the sponsored icon and follow the options on there. Chances are the instagram community are going to discover some really cool artsy people using this and it will increase followers and brand awareness. There are 2 sides to this and so I appreciate there being a way of reaching out to more followers from a business point of view.

What do you think about Instagram Ads? Have you seen one pop up in your feed yet? From a business perspective, would you pay for ads on instagram?

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