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Improving Your Life Through Gaming: 4 of the Most Amazing Benefits

When it comes to gaming, getting the balance right can be tough because sometimes we know we just need to step away but video gaming can be an excellent tool in our lives for a number of reasons. So let’s dive into this and show you what gaming can do for your quality of life.

hot pink and green console
hot pink and lime green gaming console

It Boosts Your Intelligence

There are a number of online games, including Sudoku, that are widely known to help you with various aspects of your intelligence, but video games in general can potentially boost your cognitive abilities in some of the following ways:

  • Developing problem-solving skills, which can be applicable in real-life situations due to the need to think critically, strategise, and solve complex problems. 
  • Enhancing hand-eye coordination due to the fast-paced quick reflexes necessary. 
  • Games with 3D environments can enhance spatial reasoning, which is crucial for manipulating objects in virtual spaces and understanding. 
  • Many modern games require multitasking, which can help to train your brain to multitask more effectively, which is valuable in real life. 
  • Increasing cognitive flexibility due to the unexpected situations or challenges that require you to think outside the box. Certain games with complex narratives and mechanics can improve your memory and attention. 

Ultimately, video games can promote neuroplasticity, as long as it’s in combination with the bare basics of health like exercise and other forms of education.

Fine-Tuning Certain Competencies

The video game Animal Crossing: New Horizons can provide engaging environments to practise and acquire essential skills such as: 

  • Communication because the game encourages collaboration and communication through multiplayer features using text or voice to coordinate tasks, trade items, and socialise while also simulating real-life social situations requiring effective communication skills. 
  • Digital literacy, as the game exposes players to digital tools and crafting interfaces so you can create custom designs with digital drawing tools. 
  • The open-ended gameplay can allow players to set their own goals, prioritise tasks but also manage resources like money, materials, and time. 
  • As part of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players can start their own businesses by crafting and selling items, running shops, or landscaping islands for profits which encourages problem-solving creativity and taking initiative. 
  • Additionally, the game celebrates different cultures through seasonal events, holidays, and traditions from around the world where players can learn about art, fashion, and cultural artefacts by collecting and displaying them in the museum while also allowing customisation of the island and character appearances which enable cultural and artistic expression.
Animal Crossing New Horizons Daisy Mae Con Artist
Animal Crossing New Horizons Daisy Mae visiting with her turnips

Games can provide engaging environments, and we sometimes neglect this especially as we can view gaming as a solitary practice, but it’s always worth reminding people who think that you are spending too much time in front of your video games that actually on a very subtle level you are acquiring critical skills. 

Enhancing Learning Motivation

Educational games have made significant upgrades in the last few years. There’s not just the big hitters like Minecraft that are subtly helping people improve their thinking abilities, but there are so many strategy games that are making learning more enjoyable and motivating for adult learners. An excellent example is The Talos Principle, a first-person puzzle game where players navigate through a world with complex puzzles that cover a number of existential themes. Not many gamers in the 90s and noughties have to tangle with the nature of consciousness! Additionally, the Portal series, which is incredibly popular, is also very captivating. The Witness is another puzzle game that can be incredibly beneficial and players encounter landscapes filled with puzzles that require logic observation and pattern recognition.

The Social Connection

We can almost forget sometimes that the social connection can be far more meaningful in this type of setting. In fact, there are charities that are solely focused on building relationships with people in a mentor/slash counselling scenario to encourage open conversation through playing games like Fortnite and Minecraft. The company MindJam are taking the concept of gaming and not just turning it into a social connection but actually being a force for good, it’s certainly worth looking at if you have someone you care about who needs support but are also looking to develop a career within gaming and counselling which is a very unique combination!

Video gaming is an excellent tool that can be a force for good in so many aspects of our lives. We don’t necessarily always think that we can improve our lives through gaming. Ultimately, it needs to be balanced with so many other things, but it is absolutely achievable!

What do you think are some other benefits of gaming?

Thanks for reading,
Vikki 💚🎮💗