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IKEA Washi Tape

I’ve been searching my local shops for Washi Tape everywhere.. finally I found the prettiest washi tape in IKEA of all places! Of course it has a really hipster name, as do all IKEA products. The IKEA washi tape is called FRAMSTÄLLA but the full collection isn’t on the website, so best you check in store.

Pink IKEA Washi Tape

I was really happy since my local IKEA have introduced a really nice stationery section with note pads and gift paper and tape! 🙂 Oh and it was only 6,99€ for the pack of 4 rolls! I’d say that’s quite a bargain, especially since it’s 10 meters long.

I chose pink, but there was also black, green and maybe blue? They all had the same patterns, ‘love’, stripy, plain and spotty.

How prettyful is this washi tape set please? I may just go round sticking the LOVE LOVE LOVE washi on things I can’t afford in shops, or on my walls or on my iMac. It’s just too tempting!
I did spruce my Filofax UK pages up a little with my new tape, the spotty pink tape looks so cute on my filofax pages and is my current fave.

Filofax Pages Decorated with IKEA Washi Tape

Have you found any cute Washi Tape lately?