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IKEA LACK Table Hack

I don’t know about you, but in my tech friendly house there seems to be cables everywhere. I don’t mind being connected to the world, tv, gaming and so on, but if there’s one thing that drives me mad, it’s tangled cables peeking out.

IKEA hack lack table

So my project for yesterday involved plenty of untangling and detaching an IKEA Lack table from a Tv Unit which was a very temporary IKEA hack. The table was looking quite yellowed on the top but the legs were still white.

My local ‘everything shop’ has this really cool zebra print contact paper and I couldn’t resist, seeing as I had actually been inspired by this Zebra print console on Pinterest. This is a very simple hack on how to jazz up that old IKEA coffee table, or anything else really and turn it into a funky and eye-catching piece.

The contact paper I bought was around 1,50€ and was a large enough roll for me to do the edges also and have a bit left over. I considered covering the legs but I liked how it turned out.

ikea zebra table

As you can see, I had to cut a few pieces and match the pattern up. Although I tried my best to do so, there were a few tiny gaps and so I used a black Sharpie pen to fill in a little. I used a soft cloth and a ruler to push out any bubbles and I had it done within 2 hour, after which I gave myself a pat on the back for completing a project.

IKEA Hack Zebra Coffee table

Have you tried out any Pinterest DIYs?