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IKEA Horseballs

I was just chilling out watching Suburgatory (which is hilarious by the way), lazily checking my Facebook newsfeed at the same time, when I noticed a friend’s status about IKEA meatballs and horses. Oh crap! Straight to Google I hopped just in case my eyes where deceiving me. Nope, it’s true, horse meat has been found in IKEA’s meatballs in Czech Republic, made in Sweden. They have recalled a so called concerned batch from certain countries and stopping sales.

IKEA Horseballs

I’m finding some of the comments downright stupid, yes horse meat is classed as a delicacy? in some places and can be found on menus in places like France, BUT, that is horse meat for consumption! If you want to eat it you order it! I don’t like that horse, which I would not choose to eat (although I’m told by my Mum, that we ate wood pigeon as a child when we were poor) has slipped into the food chain and they haven’t been approved, quality controlled and all that biz.

What about in the 1980’s when Mad Cow Disease aka BSE broke out? If you are an 80’s kid or older you will remember this. Basically the cows were sick and the infected meat was allowed into the food chain and burgers and so on… this resulted in a human form of Mad Cow Disease CJD.

To quote emedicinehealth.com

If humans eat diseased tissue from cattle, they may develop the human form of mad cow disease known as variant … CJD

Ok so I’m going to stop myself from going into a mad rant about Margaret Thatcher, but because of this in the 80’s – I cannot give blood outside of the UK.

My question is, how far is this horse meat thing going to go? It seems every week there are new findings and I certainly didn’t expect IKEA’s food to be affected. I will say this, my freezer is empty aside from a few ice packs. I haven’t bought frozen food for a long time, and will be boycotting buying any in the future. I’m thinking now, IKEA serve their meatballs in their restaurants too, where else is serving up frozen dinners on their menus?

What the hell are we eating? What’s next McDonalds? Hope not I couldn’t cope with the amount of burgers I’ve eaten in my lifetime.