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If I Break by Portia Moore

Hmm where do I start with this? If I Break by Portia Moore is about a small town girl working day in day out in a bar, has the best gal pals in the world and is swept off her feet by a strong ‘grey‘ eyed dude who never shows his feelings.

I put grey in quotes because it seems that the author liked overusing the word, maybe a subliminal suggestion, jumping on the 50 Shades bandwagon?

Lauren is so easily manipulated by the physical side (the only side) of her relationship with the mysterious Cal that I want to shake her and say ‘Get a grip woman‘.

There are a few twists in the book don’t read any further unless you want spoilers.

If I Break by Portia Moore

*Spoiler alert*

So Cal finally leaves for good and Lauren discovers she is pregnant, manages to raise her baby, Caylen with the help of her friends and her Aunt Raven. She over hears Cal on the baby monitor on Caylen’s birthday and freaks out.

She finds out that Cal is not Cal at all but is Chris and lives in a small town with his wife. Cal doesn’t exist but is in fact Chris’ alter personality.

This is where I was disappointed. I was really hoping for Cal’s secret life to be government related. At one point I thought Cal was part of the CIA, like some secret agent for the President and he was having his brain erased each night, hence why he couldn’t explain where he’d been to Lauren.

If I Break is currently free to download to Kindle on Amazon US and Amazon UK.