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I Quit Social Media

I Quit Social Media

Well, there it is. I quit social media (again) I’m sick of feeling drained, inadequate and trying to keep up with imaginary standards. The reality of going back to a flip phone is getting closer. Is it possible to be a blogger or small business owner without the use of ...

Well, there it is. I quit social media (again) I’m sick of feeling drained, inadequate and trying to keep up with imaginary standards. The reality of going back to a flip phone is getting closer.

Is it possible to be a blogger or small business owner without the use of social media? Hell yes. Just watch me. 😉

Last time I quit social media I felt great, after the initial detox that is. Although, there was that nagging concern that my blog wouldn’t be relevant.  I started out with a social media declutter, then I archived everything so I had a copy. I also starting adding the RSS feeds of the blogs I enjoyed to Feedly so I could keep up with my faves.

I Quit Social Media
good vibes only ✨

Funnily enough the month I quit I was contacted by Outright Games to say I’d been chosen as an ambassador, which is incredible! If as a content creator you have your website, blog, YouTube channel in order then social media isn’t as important as it’s made out to be. This time round I am confident that social media isn’t necessary for this blog to be a successful hobby.

I keep opening random apps on my phone and realizing I don’t have any social media to update. Weird feeling.

Yes there will be some brands and businesses that are star struck by influencers with 100k followers who might potentially promote their hotel or business with a reel. But at the end of the day the money spent on the influencer’s stay at the hotel could be used as ad revenue. 

I highly recommend you utilize the basic notes app on your phone if you also quit social media. You will be surprised at how much you write in a day.  Of course you don’t have to share it like I am on the blog. But it’s an interesting experiment to note down your thoughts and musings without the validation of likes, hearts and comments.

Totally inspired by John Scalzi and Seth Godin, who are both known for daily blogging.

I didn’t intend to use this as a diary but here we are. 

This is all the tweets leaving my body haha

Quick break as we’re out of Weetabix and I have to go buy some from the shop.

(Is this the kind of deep thought I would share on Twitter?)

I mentioned in other posts about quitting social media that I felt like I was part of some cult like a collective brain. Being severely influenced as you mindlessly scroll….

Second guessing myself. Did I write that tweet or did it sink into my subconscious somehow? Did I really agree with the views of that person or have I been social bullied into thinking the same? 

Twitter or X as it’s now been renamed is like a brainwashing app. 

Instagram made me feel like I wasn’t good enough and strangely enough I never had a problem with TikTok. I would just go there to find ideas for my next YouTube Short. 

Snapchat I barely looked at because it’s not aimed my age group for texting but I know it can be super addictive too. I just go there for the Bitmoji stuff.

Notes from the sofa

These are just some thoughts I’m having on day 2 without social media and the beginning of daily blogging or blogging more often. I’m really looking forward to using prompts and chatting about whatever I feel like. It will also be nice to concentrate on other projects. Last night I was watching my husband (heheh husband, saying that still makes me giggle as we only recently got married 💖) so I was watching my husband play Star Wars Battlefront 2015, his favourite game.

Usually I would sit next to him and mess around on my phone, but this time I watched him play and it was nice to feel ‘unhooked’ from my phone. I could concentrate on watching him play the game that he enjoys (he went savage with the pulse cannon lol), rather than feeling inadequate when I see someone’s new insta reel that a company noticed or a nonsense update on what someone had for lunch.

So I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I was going to use my old Sony Cybershot camera from the 2000s. I cleaned it up and have the lithium battery on charge. Fingers crossed I can get it working. There’s also a bunch of old memory cards, so I’m going to have fun going through those. 😅

Have you ever taken a social media break?

Thanks for reaading,
Vikki 👽

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