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12 Reasons I Love Fall

After a Summer of scorching temperatures (days and days of 30+), sweating, getting grumpy because my makeup is sliding off or not being able to leave the house because of the heat, Autumn (Fall) is finally here!

I did have SOME fun in the Summer like playing water volleyball, sipping ice tea and holidaying in Tenerife, but I just love waiting for that little change in the air, I love Fall!

I Love Fall

I love Fall (or Autumn depending on where you are from)…. because

+ Pumpkins

decorating and making a Halloween feature table with pumpkins, candles and my Disney Villains doll is when I know it’s that time of year. Here are some my favourite geeky pumpkin stencils.

+ Halloween

is my absolute favourite day of the year and I love everything about it. We had 3 trick or treaters last year and the kids still remember me as being the only neighbour who gave them sweets.
(Halloween isn’t really celebrated in Spain, it clashes with an important religious day on the 1st November for remembering the deceased, so some people see Halloween as disrespectful.)

+ Warm cuddly blankets

On about the second week of October, it’s usually cool enough for me to put the duvet and extra blankets back on the bed and snuggle down.

+ Hot chocolate

Spanish hot chocolate is very rich and gloopy like drinking a cup of melted chocolate, but I prefer the ‘thinner’ kind. There’s a shop nearby that I lovingly refer to as ‘Estarbuckos’ (we don’t have Starbucks in the Canary Islands) and it does the nicest hot choc.

+ cuddling up on the sofa

Ah popcorn, a good movie and getting under the blankets on the sofa with my significant other. Bliss!

+ fresh air

I just love sitting at my desk with the window open (moquito mesh still in place mind) and feeling ‘that breeze’. Feeling that crisp feeling in the air, the one that makes me want to get up earlier in the mornings.

+ wearing comfy hoodies

I have more Fall/Winter clothes than Summer and a lot of comfy hoodies and sweaters for someone who lives on a hot little island near Africa.

+ Sleek and smooth hair

It will be so nice to blow dry my hair without getting the summer frizzies and it not sticking to my head from walking to the shops.

+ Green and lush

The land will start turning a beautiful green colour soon and I just love the contrast between that and the gorgeous blue of the ocean.

+ rain

It doesn’t rain much where I live, but when it does, it pours! Walking in the rain is the best, it’s usually still around 20ºc degrees.

+ Fall tv

TV just seems to get better after Summer and I love Halloween specials of my favourite shows. This year I’m looking forward to the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special.

+ Making a Halloween custom doll

I collect Barbie dolls amongst other things and every year I make some kind of Halloween doll, one year I made a Nightmare Before Christmas Sally My Little Pony. Another year I turned a Geyper Man into a Jack Skellington doll.

What do you love about Fall?