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I Forgot to Post This Vlog!

Oops I did it again! I forgot to post this vlog. Was I scared to hit upload or just procrastinating?

the one I forgot to upload

I filmed this vlog just after having COVID in January 2024, so my voice was still crackly. My parents were visiting at the time and I had some time while they were out on a walk to film a short vlog.

We start off cleaning the door handles in the bathroom (I know I promised no more bathroom vlogs haha) and then we discover a huge box of Happy Meal Toys which we unboxed in a later video. We also chat about the recent Duolingo content on the channel, which I’ll also be adding here to the blog.

Vlogging is something I have dabbled with here and there, I really enjoy it. My videos aren’t perfect but humans aren’t either, let’s leave that to the Ai!

Documenting the journey is my style and it’s fun to look back at older videos. Do I cringe when I see myself back? Yes a little! But that’s how I am in real life so I can’t do much about it haha.

I intend to make short geek lifestyle vlogs with little editing, along with some informative how to tech stuff, unboxing vids, not forgetting gaming videos and streams.

Have you tried vlogging? Let me know in the comments below. ⬇️

Also let me know your favourite vlogger or YouTuber.