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I Beat Dragaux | Geek Week 02

Hey guess what guess what? I beat Dragaux this week! 😈 Ring Fit Adventure gamers will know what I mean.

It’s Friday, it’s a cozy rainy evening and I’ve just had the nicest cheese toastie as fuel for writing this issue of Geek Week. In this one we’ll talk blogging, creating a nerdy home office, fitness gaming, Duolingo and a film that I’m so hyped for!


I Beat Dragaux! 😈

I have made my return to Ring Fit Adventure and this week I beat Dragaux and reached level 53! I was quite nervous to face the boss battle but I was prepared with plenty of smoothies and abs of steel? (more like a soft metal lol) I’ve been alternating Ring Fit with Yoga with Adriene which feels very nice. Walks are also a big part of my day and something I look forward to, especially sunset walks with my love. ✨

I Beat Dragaux Level 53 Ring Fit Adventure
Level 53 wooohoooo!

Spanish or Vanish

This week we jumped into episode 3 of Spanish or Vanish. I’m so pleased that this live series is doing so well on YouTube and people are enjoying it. At the moment they go out on weekday mornings but I think we’ll try them of an evening too.

Spanish or Vanish episode 3


Going back to my blogging roots

It’s been a productive week here at Cuteek and I am going back to my blogging roots. Some of the VERY first blog posts on here were chatting about cute stuff I couldn’t afford but looked cool (all things cute and geeky). One of those things was a pink waterproof keyboard and even WAY back in the early 2000s it had affiliate links to where you could purchase it. I think it was called a Bendiboard πŸ’– and now I’m feeling nostalgia for my old blog posts. Maybe I need to go to the Wayback Machine and see if I can bring them back from the dead.

Over 20 years, some of the affiliate programs I was using disappeared, I ended up with a lot of broken links. I also lost years of blog posts when Blogger.com deleted my blog, that still stings. So this week I’ve had a good refresh on Cuteek, updating older content, tweaking, fixing here and there. The homepage is now looking a little different so any ads or affiliate links you may find all go to support the upkeep of the site and buy dog treats. 😁

nerdy home office!

Ahh the home office aka dumping ground of my house. While the rest of our house is somewhat minimal, our home office seems to collect all kinds of stuff. This week I worked on the top shelves of our KALLAX unit, cleaned them out and styled them with nerdy stuff. Each cubby has a theme, Harry Potter, Apple, Nintendo and Animal Crossing.

I’m sure I’ll change it round often but it’s a way of displaying some of my Funko Pops, amiibo and retro gaming consoles in a neat way. (Yes you can totally be a minimalist and collect stuff, as long as the stuff brings you value and joy) I call this geeky minimalism. πŸ€“

which shelf is the best?


Not sure why I’m like this but I find it impossible to focus on reading just one book. I’m more of a book butterfly than a bookworm lol. But this week I’ve been focusing on The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod and implementing some of his ideas. If you are looking to make the most of your mornings and start some kind of routine definitely check it out. The SAVERS method covers everything from meditation to exercise and journalling. My goal for this week is to finish it. What are you reading at the moment?


Beetlejuice 2

OMG did you see the Beetlejuice Beetlejuice trailer that was just released?! What do you think? I was like agghhh! It looks so good. I heard that one of the dealbreakers for Michael Keaton was they used real special effects props and stayed true to the original rather than use CGI.

the juice is loose!

Irish wish πŸ€

On St Patricks Day weekend I watched Irish Wish (netflix) with the dogs. Cooper snored deeply for most of it. 🐾 It’s such a cheesy film with a Freaky Friday switcheroo kind of vibe and LiLo fans will enjoy it despite it being very predictable. I think the trailer gives most of it away lol. The Irish scenery is beautiful though.

Irish Wish trailer

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How has your geek week been?

Thanks for reading,
Vikki πŸ€“