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I Am Grateful | Grateful Bytes 15

Here we are at Grateful Bytes issue 15! While I am grateful to have started this series, this is going to be the last one published here on Cuteek.

Making these posts have definitely made me think about life and the little daily highlights that make them special but now it’s time for a change. There are some big changes coming to Cuteek.com and it only makes sense that posts like this return to my private journal.

I found a tiny pocket notebook perfect for noting down one thing I’m grateful for each day that I can keep with me and look at whenever I need to. I hope if you’ve been enjoying this series that you will continue to write down your moments too.

gratitude journal

  • Cuteek is getting a makeover in many ways and I’m hyped about it!
  • Beautiful sunset walks.
  • Cooper my Chihuahua including my hand in his paw cleaning session. 10 mins of puppers kisses. 😅 🐾
  • Quality weekend family time.
  • My husband’s perfectly timed cheese toasties. How does he always know when I’m hungry? 💖
  • I beat Dragaux in Ring Fit Adventure and surpassed level 50!
  • Mid-week sleep in.
  • That refreshed feeling after Yoga with Adriene.
  • Afternoon sunshine streaming into our living room.
  • When my husband watches my YouTube streams from the other room and texts me that the audio is ok. 💖
  • Blogging from bed in the mornings with the window open, it’s a little chilly and you can hear the birds chirping.
  • Rainy days forever my fave!

I hope you have a lovely week and stay tuned for what’s new to come on Cuteek!

Thanks for reading,
Vikki ✨