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How To Win Fall Guys Summer Squads

Sun’s out, fun’s IN!

Summer is here and it’s time to have some fun in the sun playing Fall Guys Summer Squads. You can either join a random squad or play with your friends, it’s up to you. With summer themed goodies, free Kudos and ice cream, what more could you want? This is a limited time event running from July 21st to July 26th 2022, so don’t miss out!

Fall Guys Summer Squads
How to win Fall Guys Summer Squads
Video of Fall Guys Summer Squads rewards

Here’s exactly how to win at Fall Guys Summer Squads and make sure you grab those event goodies:

There are 6 challenges in total, with 5 rewards. For each challenge complete you earn 100 pink ice cream cone tokens which are then exchanged for holiday swag.

Summer Squads Challenges

  • Own a tail for 15 seconds in Squad Celebration
  • Be in the air for a total of 60 seconds in Any Show
  • Reach the Final Round in Squad Celebration
  • Qualify from Team Rounds in Any Show
  • Qualify from the first round of Squad Celebration
  • Win Squad Celebration

Summer Squads Rewards

  • Fun in the Sun nickname
  • 200 Kudos
  • Summer Squads nameplate
  • Citrus Splash pattern
  • Stripy Belt Bag costume

Winning Squad celebration is the most difficult, especially if you are new to Fall Guys. Get yourself a squad who will carry you if you need it and get that win. Good luck!

Did you manage to unlock all of the rewards?