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How to Unlock Fall Guys Pusheen Skins

Too Cute!!!

Fall Guys Pusheen Skins are available from 14th-18th July in the Fall Guys store. You can buy the full Pusheen and Super Pusheenicorn outfits or just tops or bottoms, there is also an adorable Pusheen emote. If you buy the bundle you will save show bucks so it’s up to you how badly you need these adorable outfits.

Fall Guys Pusheen Collab! Too cute!!!

Pusheen Outfit – Eat. sleep. win crowns. repeat.

The Pusheen cat outfit is a soft brown colour with a cut out for the Fall Guys face. The whole outfit costs 800 Show-Bucks or you can get the Pusheen upper for 700 and the Pusheen lower for 500. If you are a big Pusheen fan and you have some Show Bucks saved up then this is a must have, it’s so cute!

Super Pusheenicorn Outfit – A Truly mythical moggie!

The Super Pusheenicorn is the Pusheen cat dressed as a unicorn so a costume within a costume if you like. It’s a light grey with the same adorable pink beans as the OG. It goes for the same price, 800 SB for the full outfit, 700 for the top and 500 for the lower.

The Pusheen emote Purrrfection is super cute and has a little cat bell jingle when you Fall Guy bean does a paw swipe. It cost 400 Show Bucks.

Pusheen Bundle

Fall Guys Pusheen Skin Bundle
Fall Guys Pusheen Skin Bundle

The Pusheen bundle gets you all of the above including the Team Pusheen nameplate and Meowgical nickname for 1600 Show Bucks which again is amazing if you are a fan of the most kawaii cat character online. All of the items are Special and will definitely make you stand out from the crowd when competing in shows. I hope they expand on this collab again in the future as I really like the dog character Pugsheen. He would make a very cute Fall Guy skin.

What do you think of the Fall Guys Pusheen collab? Which outfit did you get?