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Attending A Wedding? Here’s How To Look Your Best

If you’re heading to a wedding in the near future, there’s a good chance you’re panicking about the best outfit for the occasion. A lot of pressure is on here, thanks to just how big the day is going to be – you don’t want to let the bride or groom down with a bad look in the background! 

But dressing for an occasion takes a bit of practice. Of course, you need to put on something you’re comfortable with, but you’ve got to incorporate as much style as possible. And in the case of a wedding, you’ve got to incorporate some class as well. From the makeup you choose to the dress or suit you wrap up in, there’s a bit of work ahead to craft the perfect fit! 

If you want to attend a wedding and be the best dressed guest, you’ll need to take your fashion to the next level. And that’s where these tips come in!

tropical beach wedding | how to look your best at a wedding
tropical beach wedding 🌸

Be Careful with Your Shoe Color

The color of your shoes should be understated, and slightly lighter or darker in shade than the rest of your outfit, if you’re trying to match them together. A turquoise dress, for example, should be paired with either pale green or dark blue heels. 

Similarly, a beige or salmon pink suit can be paired with white or sandy coloured heels, as this will help the outfit to blend together without it being overbearing. 

Above all else, try not to pair wildly different shades together. Black heels don’t do well with tones on the opposite end of the spectrum, even if it is the most popular colour for shoes! 

Never Forget a Necklace

Necklaces always look amazing in a wedding setting. Whether you’re wearing something low cut or not, a big statement piece or a smaller chain that fits tight to the neck will round the look off wonderfully. Make sure you invest heavily in your accessories before the wedding day – accessories can be paired with future outfits too, so it won’t be a waste. 

Match Your Skin Tone and Hair Shade

It’s not just the outfit you need to think about – make sure you consider your hair as well. Too light and it may make you look washed out, too dark and it might hide your lovely features. 

You’ve got to strike the perfect balance, especially if you’ve got a makeup look in mind. Don’t worry, there are many amazing hair colors for tan skin out there you can try out, especially if you’re not used to dying your hair! 

Depending on your skin tone, try to find a shade that’ll help highlight your eyes, cheekbones and collarbones, and also one that won’t dim your smile. A more natural shade that just tints your look to the right side is all you need here. 

Bring a Bag and a Jacket

Yeah, both a bag and a jacket. Why? Because it’s good to have something extra to wear, to add both dimension and protection to your outfit. 

And the inclusion of a bag is self-explanatory. You need to be able to carry your phone and purse around all day, especially if there’s a bar without a card behind it! 

Make sure the jacket matches the color of your outfit; even if you’ve got a dress on, try to buy something lightweight with a short length that can be slung easily over the top. 

Don’t Spend Too Much

This is just one wedding, and you’re only attending as a guest – don’t let yourself pay too much for an outfit you’re probably never going to get out of the wardrobe again. If you can, it’d be best to rent something you can take back the next day. 

And trust us, there are various rental houses out there you can turn to in a pinch! Just make sure you don’t spill anything down the outfit, otherwise you might be hit with a big bill. You can often buy insurance in case of a stain or a rip, but try to be as careful as possible with the item while it’s in your care. 

Getting ready for a wedding can be hard as a guest. You’ve got a lot of outfit second guessing to do, and plenty of colours to avoid, and sometimes the bride and groom have super strict rules over what to wear! But if you need some general ‘rules’ to follow, keep tips like these handy when you’re searching for the perfect pieces. 

Of course this all depends on the style or theme of the wedding and that’s where a bit of planning comes in. If it’s a beach wedding or Star Wars themed ceremony then you will likely have specific guidelines from the happy couple. Maybe they want everyone to dress as their favourite sci-fi character. What matters most is being there to celebrate the special day. ✨

What’s your favourite wedding guest tip? I really like the idea of renting an outfit!

Thanks for reading,
Vikki 💖