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How to Grow an Avocado Tree

I was about to throw out the big stone from the middle of a yummy ripe avocado but then inspiration struck and I googled how to grow an avocado tree.

Many would assume you just put the avocado stone in some soil (wrong) but it turns out you have to do some strange Tim Burton-esque placing of cocktail sticks in a glass of water.

I did this and named him Alec, got a few tips from the internet, like peeling the bottom of the avo after a while so it could root, but nothing was happening.

After a while I noticed that it was upside down! The root was on the top and was gasping for water, I felt bad, but it did look pretty in its new pink glass, if not a little exposed! At this point I needed to replace the sticks.

Alex the Avocado

It wasn’t until recent years that my eyes were opened to the wonderful world of the avocado.

I’d been offered it at my Fiancé’s family meals plenty of times as they have several large avocado trees and they are always in abundance. Lately I eat avo with everthing, on toast, with salted Pringles, in a sandwich, on cheesy nachos and on its own with the tiniest sprinkle of sea salt. Addicted? Yes!