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Geek Life Lately 36

Welcome to a brand spanking new issue of Geek Life Lately! I considered bringing back the daily blogging but it’s just not attainable, the amount…

Geek Life Lately 35

Geek Life Lately is officially back, it’s Obi-Wan Kenobi day aka Wednesday and Summer is here. It’s all happening here at Cuteek. 😅 I can’t…

Geek Life Lately 34

I was going through some old photos and I found this pic of me and a terrifying Humpty Dumpty at Flambards Theme Park in Helston,…

Happy Birthday Duolingo

It’s Duolingo‘s 10th Birthday! I’ve been using Duolingo for quite a few years now (combined with in person classes at the language school) it’s my…

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Welcome to Cuteek!
I’m Vikki, a level 40 nerd living in the Canary Islands with my Fiancé. Can be found drinking coffee, playing video games and spoiling my family dogs.
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