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Handmade Cheshire Cat Cushions

cheshire cat cushion

So there isn’t much official Cheshire Cat merchandise for the home BUT, the super talented Scavenger Annie on Etsy has made these awesome Cheshire Cat cushions! If you are a Tim Burton fan like me …

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5 Best Disney Christmas Tree Ornaments

5 Disney Christmas Tree Ornaments

When my BF and I visited Disneyland Paris a couple of years ago, we were lucky to experience 2 seasons – Halloween and Christmas. If you go around the 1st week in November it’s a …

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Nintendo World New York Mug

Nintendo World New York Gift Bag

My sister-in-law visited the Nintendo World New York store and brought me back this amazing mug. Hold onto your blue shells! Behold the best mug in the world! It has Mario and friends on it …

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IKEA LACK Table Hack

I don’t know about you, but in my tech friendly house there seems to be cables everywhere. I don’t mind being connected to the world, tv, gaming and so on, but if there’s one thing …

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Best Pumpkin Stencils

How exciting, it’s Fall and Halloween is on the way! This has to be my absolute favourite time of year, spooky movies, a little crisp feel in the air and PUMPKIN CARVING! I always find …

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Alexa the Avocado

You’re probably sick of me talking about avocado by now, or maybe not? Well, this evening my Mother in Law brought round some ‘avocados of the day’ which are the ripest and butteriest ones I’ve …

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