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Geek Life Lately 28

Happy New Year! Somehow time has passed and suddenly hello 2022! My brain still seems to be stuck in a loop somewhere in 2019. 😅

I hope you are enjoying the holidays! We exchange gifts on 6th January in Spain so I still need to brave the shops and buy a few presents. We’re on the 9th day of Christmas and our over worked fridge has about 9 unidentifiable pieces of cheese in it so that seems fitting. 😂

it me

We saw the New Year in by watching the ‘so terrible it’s good’ film Don’t Look Up (Netflix) and eating our lucky grapes at midnight. How did you celebrate?

Despite feeling like Jabba the Hutt after a heavy night in the Cantina, we ordered pizza this afternoon and I proceeded to inhale mine, spicy jalapeños and all. I’m sure I will regret that later. 😅

About Resolutions

Yeah so about those NY resolutions. Not a fan. I do however make mini goals throughout the year and month by month. Obviously one of my mini goals will also be health related. While my parents have been visiting for the holidays, I’ve enjoyed plenty of nice foods and slacked off on the workouts but we have been on some nice walks.

You may remember my Fit By 40 goal from last year, I didn’t reach my goal but it definitely set something in motion in my mind and turned into Fit While 40. This isn’t a fad and it’s now a lifestyle choice. I’m excited to get back into my Fitness Gaming routine.

Last night I did my first Ring Fit Adventure workout in ages! I literally did the warm up followed promptly by the cool down lasting 6 minutes but I did it. To be fair I was pretty tired as we looked after Chester and Cooper yesterday.

I probably say it every year but this month I really want to try and read 1 chapter of a book every day. I still need to set my Goodreads goal for this year but I think 5 books is realistic for me, no pressure. 🤓 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire has been on my nightstand for the past 2 years now, it’s getting embarrassing.

3rd Vaccine?

E phoned up the helpline earlier to ask about my 3rd vaccine. It looks like I will have to wait a little longer as my 2nd shot was on 14th July and they want me to wait the full 6 months. I have a feeling it will open up to all age groups after 3 Kings Day and the Christmas holidays are finally over.

In the meantime I’m still keeping safe and grateful that my parents and E have had their 3rd shots. Yesterday we went for a New Years day coffee and we were asked to show our COVID pass for the first time (not including the time we got kicked out of McDonalds in December.) 😂

Alrighty Then

Geek Life Lately is officially back! From now on you can expect cozy weekly life updates rather than daily posts, mixed in with the usual tech and gaming articles Cuteek is known for. My plan is to make a nice ritual out of it, light a Daddy Yankee candle and enjoy the blogging process.

I’m sure I’ll find my bearings soon going back to the weekly format. I’d like to include some other things but I’m still working it out and I’ve rambled on long enough haha. YouTube videos and streaming will be making a comeback this month, along with reviews so keep an eye out for that.

I wish you all a lovely start to the year and have a nice first week of 2022.