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Harry Potter Funko Pop

This original Harry Potter Funko Pop was my Holy Grail for some time. As a newbie Potterhead (I’m still reading the books for the first time eek ?) it was only right to get a Harry Potter figure for my bookshelf.

Harry Potter Funko Pop

He is a mascot of sorts, cheering me on as I read Goblet of Fire which is such a massive book and I have a snake phobia, agggh Nagini go away! ?

I picked up this Harry Potter Funko from a local comic con in April 2017. It was the second Con I’ve EVER been to and OMG I was in my element. While small, the mini con had stalls filled with geeky items and SO MANY FUNKO POPS including ones I’d never seen before.

Harry Potter quote I solemnly swear that I am up to no good funko pop

My local GAME shop did have the HP funkos a while back but I wasn’t in buying mode at the time. While I was at the mini comic con, I discovered that a few of the stall holders were from comic book stores on my island.

What? We have comic book stores here? ?

I made sure to get their cards and will definitely be paying a visit to some of them soon. It’s so much better to see geek merch up close and personal isn’t it? At least then you know what it looks like IRL if you do order it online.

Harry Potter Quote Lumos Maxima Funko Pop

Let me know in the comments below:
What’s your favourite HP book/film? *no spoilers plz* ?