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Happy October + Day 1 of Fitness Gaming Challenge

Spooky scary skeletons and Happy October to you friend! 🎃 It is in my opinion the best time of the year, even though it’s still 30ºC degrees here, I’m excited for spooky films, pumpkin carving and all things Halloween. I changed my blog mascot to a zombie for a bit of fun this month. 😜

Cuteek Zombie Logo
Zombie Cuteek

In other news, I’ve been thinking about what to do here on the blog once we get to the end of the year. I’m still archiving all of my On This Day posts, curated from Facebook Memories, old tweets, archived Instagram posts and diary entries.

I’m not sure I’ll even want to blog daily once we get to January, I know it’s ages away but I’m sure one or two blog posts a week will be enough, an article and maybe a weekly update. Remember my Geek Life Lately series? I think that would be less pressure and give me a space to update my thoughts on a Sunday for example.

Day 1/31: Fitness Gaming Challenge

After the success of the Ring Fit Adventure Club in August and the first round of the Fitness Gaming Challenge in September, we are back! I’m so happy that more people are showing interest in the challenge, it’s the best little motivational support group.

After a month of sticking to the challenge as best I could, I’m feeling so much more motivated, my stamina has definitely increased and feeling happier in general despite the state of the world. I have lost weight but that’s something I will talk about in my Fit By 40 post.

I’m waking up a LOT earlier than I ever did, grabbing my workout gear and actually have a spring in my step to workout. Of course I have those days when it’s difficult but in general the energy and enthusiasm is there.

Day 1 Fitness Gaming Stats

This morning I got out early before it got too hot and did a 30 min walk which was more like a hike really with the incline I did (the joys of living on a volcanic island) 😜 There was a 3 second moment were I was like, oh crap I bit off more than I could chew with this, but once I got to the top it was so much better and I could enjoy the view.

I listened to Spotify on my phone which I kept in my hand, as I don’t feel safe walking wearing headphones. I like to be aware of my surroundings. Anyone else do this? It also meant that once I saw there was no one around I could catch a Pokémon here and there while working on a 7km egg in Pokémon Go. 😅

How was your day? 💖

On This Day 2020

  • Migraines are the worst!
  • OMG how has DNA testing only been a thing since the 80s!!? Surely not? Well, Poirot always wore gloves lol.
  • All signed up for the Brighton SEO online event tomorrow. 😊
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