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Happy New Year! | Geek Blog 001

Happy New Year!! It’s time for a fresh start. I hope you had an amazing geeky New Years Eve last night and a fantastic start to this year. Time for page 1. I personally love a fresh start in September when I start my new agenda but it’s always nice to have a clean slate and it’s time to go back to the start of The Daily Geek blog. Let’s go!

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On This Day 2023

need to find notes

On This Day 2022

  • Good old New Years Day diarrhea.
  • Day 1/31 Ring Fit Adventure Club challenge! Easing into the new year slowly with the warm up and the cool down
  • The Fitness Gaming challenge runs alongside Ring Fit Adventure Club. If you have other fitness games please feel free to join in! (Just Dance, Pokémon GO, Pikmin Bloom, Boxing, Apple Fitness…..)
  • First coffee of 2022
  • Day 429 of my Duolingo streak!
  • Weekly blogs return tomorrow in the Geek Life Lately series! This is very welcome after 7 months of daily blogging

On This Day 2021

  • Is there anyone not in the McDonald’s drive thru right now? 😂
  • I used to have a separate ‘professional’ Twitter account but it didn’t feel right.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog was my first film of 2021 and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • My neighbours were cooking huge lots of paella yesterday, I thought I might be sick. I don’t mind veggie paella but the seafood kind is vile. I much prefer estofado, ropa vieja and arroz a la Cubana which are very typical to the Canary Islands.

On This Day 2018

  • I’ve set my GoodReads goal to 15 this year, a bit ambitious. 😅

On This Day 2017

  • Felt dizzy all day, I’ve had a virus most of Christmas.

On This Day 2013

  • Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice 😆

On This Day 2012

  • Page 1 of 366 – here we go 2012! Good morning!

Thanks for reading,
Vikki 🥳