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Happy Friyay

It’s Friday Then, It’s Saturday, Sunday what??

  • Good morning all and happy Friyay! What are your plans for today? I woke up with a really great content idea so I’m going to work on that (before I forget haha)
  • Can hear my neighbour’s sneezing, got to love those thin walls. LOL.
  • It’s a ‘write the easy things down on a list to cross them off’ kind of day
  • Ok it’s coffee time… I filmed part of a new YouTube video but then my screen recording failed me.
  • Gaming
    • Today is the last day to get Horizon Zero Dawn free as part of Playstation’s Play At Home. Can’t believe I almost missed out on it! 😅
    • *Prays that by the time PS5s are actually obtainable they will have made a purple DualSense*
    • Turns out you need friends to get the glitchy Fall Guys trophy.
  • Watching
    • The Woman In The Window (netflix) sounds a LOT like Girl on the Train but I’ll watch it anyway.
    • Update: I watched it and wow was it gripping. So many twists. Watch if you enjoy psychological thrillers. Many people hated it, to be fair I have the worst taste in films.
    • Remember Log Flume rides? I uploaded a YouTube Short: fun times at Southport Pleasureland.
Southport Log Flume
  • right…siesta over, back to work.
  • My iMac switched itself off mid-task. How rude!
  • Major Prince vibes from Redbone by Childish Gambino. This is my first listen to this track. So good!