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Happy Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve! I’m currently working on my night cheese and watching Christmas films with my parents. Earlier today I was in a bit of a Grinch mood, mostly thinking about how much I miss my dog and those usual weird feels that tend to pop up over the holidays when you are missing family members.

Christmas Eve

Right now I’m counting my blessings that my parents are here sitting in the living room across the sofa from me and E will be on his way home from work soon. Tonight in Spain it’s Noche Buena and in pre-plague times we would usually all get together for a massive family meal in E’s auntie’s home, feast on homemade bread, seafood, goat, chicken potatoes and cheese.

Times are different now for several reasons but like I said, my parents are sitting in the same room as me and E will be home soon. This warms my heart. 💖

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Vikki 💖🎮

On This Day 2020

  • Seen about 10+ people sneak into the neighbours house so far. Happy COVIDmas! 🙈
  • Our island has 969 infected people and we have very strict restrictions and curfews…. not allowed out of our homes between 1:00am and 6:00am, masks all the time.
  • We’ve just had our Christmas Eve food in between verses of Mi Burrito Sabanero. We broke tradition and had a full English breakfast for our cena. Not very Canarian but we enjoyed it a lot! Tomorrow we’re ordering Indian food instead of having a turkey roast. 😋
  • You do realize it’s Krampus who’s leaving the presents tonight don’t you? 😆 I’m never eating gingerbread cookies again!

On This Day 2017

I’m in migraine hell! I’m feeling pretty useless and ibuprofen isn’t working. Got out of bed to make some green tea try to eat. Mine is related to that time of the month and it’s gotten worse in my 30s. 🙃 Just going to eat loads of food and see if I feel better later.

My parents usually come to visit us over Christmas each year but they couldn’t make it this year. E’s family have a big Christmas Eve dinner tonight so here’s hoping I feel up to that later.

On This Day 2015

I feel like Star Wars has been spoilt, I like an element of surprise when I go to the cinema.