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Happy Christmas Eve Eve | Geek Blog 358

Do you feel like December has gone really fast? Here we are already on the 23rd aka Happy Christmas Eve Eve! 😄 I woke up at 5am this morning and after binge-watching 3 episodes of Emily in Paris, I couldn’t get back to sleep so I am UP AND AT EM! I’ve been on WFH lite this last week, so I thought I’d show my blog some love and have some breakfast before everyone else wakes up.

Happy Christmas Eve Eve Friends GIF
Happy Christmas Eve Eve

There are only 8 Daily Geek Blog posts left until we return to the weekly series of Geek Life Lately posts which I prefer and feel I will have more to share. I’ve spent the last 6 months archiving my old social posts into the blog and it’s been fun but I’m ready to finish that project now.

If you are new, I quit social media this year, came back and the only social account I kept for Cuteek is Twitter. I started to archive all my old instagram posts and Facebook statuses into the blog, see the bottom of this post where I add On This Day updates.

This has been a LONG process but also interesting that at times I put so much effort into social media and not my own blog. So I put my thing down flipped it and reversed it haha. Blogging is back!

The sun is just rising, there’s a tropical winter breeze blowing in through my office window and it’s honestly my perfect writing conditions. I’m still in my pijs, with a huge Mr Wonderful snug top and my feet are snug in my crocs n socks combo. All is good. I will be making a coffee with cinnamon once my parents wake up, the machine is a bit noisy haha.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve Eve 🎄😊

On This Day 2017

I wonder, if I renew my passport in 2018 will I get the normal burgundy EU one or a blue one? I’m hoping to do it so I can keep the EU passport. Maybe it’s time I apply for Spanish passport….

On This Day 2016

My brother made these melted snowman cookies with marshmallows and icing! They are so festive, had to share. Have you made any Christmas treats?

Melted Snowman Cookies
Melted Snowman Cookies

I poured some old cider down the toilet and Mum said
“May God bless her and all who sail in her.”
I couldn’t stop laughing! 😂

On This Day 2015

Brace yourself! Posts about new Christmas Eve pjs and fresh bedding are coming. 😂

On This Day 2014

Today my Dad is starting on the next part of our balcony refurb! The new windows are in, now we just need to remove the old frame, make a false ceiling, tile and paint!

On This Day 2009

I have a slight Twitter addiction forming…

  • Gaming
    • Playing Sorority Life before bed wonder if there are any new glam things?

On This Day 2008

Watching a strange film about a yeti that looks like my dog. 😆