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Happy 3rd Day of Christmas | Geek Blog 362

Happy 3rd Day of Christmas! It’s Monday 27th December and it’s still so busy at the shops here. We went for coffee at the mall and there were SO many people about. As I’ve mentioned before, people are still buying presents here for 3 Kings Day.

Happy 3rd Day of Christmas
On the 3rd Day of Christmas we cleaned the windows 🎶

Earlier my parents helped me with a huge task of cleaning all the window shutters. It’s a big task that involves one person holding a hose pipe while the other does some Spider-Man shenanigans down the side of the house (that was me) 😅 The windows and shutters get so dirty from the sandstorms so it was great to tick that one off my list of annoying jobs to do.

Monday is Dexter day so after our hard work we got some goodies and watched this week’s episode of New Blood.

Random but may I add that shoe horns are underrated! I’ve been using one when putting on my new Skechers and it’s really helping keep the heel part in place. My family are making fun of me but I promise, it makes a difference. 😆

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Vikki 💖🎮

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Games, books, comics, napping. All sound like great options right now. 😅

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I finally watched Infinity War last night and I don’t understand the end at all. I get that Thanos went back in time but why did only some of them disappear and others not?