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Geek Life Lately 30

Greetings from Tatooine! It certainly feels like it round here with the never ending sandstorm lingering from the Sahara desert! I’m pretty sure I saw Boba Fett and his crew go past my house on speeder bikes just now. 😆

Tusken Raider Star Wars GIF

My parents spent a whole month with us for the holidays and flew home on Tuesday. I haven’t seen them in 2 years because of the pandemic so it’s been lovely to spend time with them just doing normal things. I admit, I cried like a baby when they left. I’ve kept busy cleaning the house and going for walks with E.

Yesterday we picked Chester and Cooper went for coffee and walkies, then grabbed McDonalds and had a lazy sofa day. It was just what we needed. 😊


    • Pokémon Go has been my go to fitness motivation this week plus trying to close my apple watch rings. Now that my parents have gone home, I will be able to set our mini home gym back up in the spare bedroom. I’m looking forward to going on the bike of a morning again.
    • I’m enjoying The Book of Boba Fett (Disney+) so much! He’s such an interesting character to get to know. The Twins and Black Krrsantan are fun to watch. I hope we have more Wookie action in future episodes.
    • Since learning about The Great Argentine Heist on Duolingo, I was looking for some films about it. We started watching El Robo del Siglo (Netflix) which is a similar story based on a bank heist in Colombia in 1994. It’s a miniseries of 6 episodes, I highly recommend it if you speak Spanish or are learning.
    • Same as last week I’ve been watching more Mixed-ish (Disney+) There are 2 seasons and I’m getting through them quickly.
    • I don’t seem to have found time for reading this week. Hopefully this next week I can make a dent in my current reads. 😅
    • I keep going on about it but LEGO DC Super Villains is awesome. I’ve managed to clock up 4 hours already and I’m only 2.9% through the game. This is because I got completely sidetracked playing as Joker and Harley Quinn. Amusement Mile is my favourite area of the map so far and I can tell I’m going to have a fun journey with this game.
    • I’m currently on a 444 day Duolingo streak and proud! I combine this with listening to podcasts in Spanish, watching the local Canary Islands news and I have Spanish subtitles on EVERYTHING I watch on tv even non-Spanish shows.
    • Back in September I started a Geology course on Khan Academy that I would really like to get back to at some point. I can’t remember where I’m up to so it’s likely I’ll have to restart haha.
    • Since watching Mixed-ish on Disney+ I’ve found myself listening to quite a bit of 80s music including classics by Cyndi Lauper and Tears for Fears.


In last week’s Geek Life Lately I set myself a few goals for this week so let’s see how I got on:

  • dye my own hair
    • I didn’t get round to this but I did treat myself to some new shampoo and conditioner
  • get back into my fitness gaming routine 
    • not yet but this coming week is like my first proper week post holidays. Still going on walks and hitting my steps goals though.
  • make my favourite soup
    • It’s been a bit warm for soup but we have been to our favourite kebab shop for salad boxes
  • play video games all day
    • Yes! I have put some hours into LEGO DC Super Villains this weekend.
  • try to sort my mask acne out
    • This is a work in progress, I purchased some face wash and little silicon face brush. Things seem to be improving but I think I need another week to get rid of the larger blemishes on my forehead. I also have a giant beast on my cheek from my mask.

Goals for Next Week

  • fitness gaming routine
  • clean our home office, specifically our desks and work spaces
  • read a chapter of a book each night
  • wash the sofa covers (it’s meant to rain, might not be able to do this)
  • continue with my skin care routine to get rid of my acne
  • dye my hair
  • clean the spare bedroom and set up gym stuff
  • eat broccoli

That’s all for this week. Let me know in the comments something good or positive that’s happened to you this week.