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Getting Things Done | Grateful Bytes 04

Here we are on the 4th issue of Grateful Bytes, how time flies! While I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather this week, there’s still been some highlights and lovely moments along the way.  Despite not feeling very creative, this is the week I decided was perfect for getting things done. Lists lists and more lists were condensed and I recycled SO much paper clutter. 


Welcome back to Grateful Bytes. 👾 This is a byte sized post of things I’m grateful for throughout the week in a bid to be more mindful. I hope it inspires you to think about your own highlights of the week, whether you share it in the comments or jot it down in a journal. ✨

getting things done | an ipad on a stand, coffee cup, water in a glass and my planner is open
this was the point where I was like “let’s do this”

note: I was just looking at the photo above which I chose for this week’s post. I really like it because it wasn’t staged, it was a photo I text to E to show him my point of view during that day. I could have picked a more aesthetic pic of my journal or after writing this post taken another ‘perfect pic’ but you know what? No. This is how it is. 😊

1. So I’m redefining my notes and lists system and it’s exhausting but I know it will be rewarding when I’m done.  We all love a new notebook but my problem is my excitable ADHD brain likes to make lists of things to do for home or work, forget about said notebook, start using scrap paper then move onto a different book.

Anyway the result is years of ideas split between books and now I’m finally going through them and picking out unfinished tasks, noting them in my one notebook with colour codes and recycling the old pages. My future self will be grateful. Finding some clarity with my new to do system. I’m basically using my notes app on my phone A LOT.

2. Sunday afternoon gaming cozy and wearing a sweater. Dare I say it’s starting to cool down a little in the daytime? The hot weather makes me cranky (so most of the year then) lol so cooler temps mean little things like being able to wear makeup and wear my hair down without being the emoji with the bead of sweat. 😅

3. Buying a few little bits to improve our home.  I plan on doing a deep clean in the kitchen soon too.

4. Playing Battlefront 2015 with E. He was coaching me on the best places on the map to camp and taught me how to correctly use the Pulse Cannon. It actually improved my game haha. Of course I then made a silly YouTube Short with the footage.

5. Super grateful for being able to sleep in on Monday morning. I’d had some weird dreams and I even heard Rambo’s collar jingle during the night, pretty sure he was there in the room with us. (Rambo passed away in 2020)

6. Moonlit walk by the harbour 🌕

7. Making the decision to spend time with my family rather than edit my vlog earlier this week was an A+ move. I didn’t want to spend our day off it’s my head in editing mode.

8. Sneaky McDonald’s for supper. I wasn’t feeling well and E read my mind about grabbing some salad and fries. 🍟

9. Spending my sick day cozied up under a blanket and enjoying my birthday present – the PlayStation 5. It was so nice exploring in Horizon Forbidden West.

10. E made spaghetti for lunch and it was exactly the comfort food that I needed.

Looking back at my notes for this post, it sounds like I didn’t move much but my video clips tell another story. I managed to get back on my exercise bike after a long break which was nice. I basically binge watched a load of The Minimal Mom YouTube videos and took it 5 minutes at a time. Making sure I still get out for a daily walk too which is so important to me.

These last 2 Grateful Bytes I’ve dragged my feet a little and didn’t get them out on the planned day. But you know what? It’s all a learning curve and I don’t ever want to feel obligated to post, this is supposed to be fun. 💖 I hope you’ve had a wonderful week.

What are you grateful for this week?

Below is the vlog version of issue 04 of grateful bytes including stuff I didn’t mention above, please susbscribe to Cuteek on YouTube, it really helps me out.  💖

he wanted my snack ^_^