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Geology Rocks

Today was day 19/30 of the October fitness gaming challenge! I played Knockout Home Fitness.

A few blog posts ago I was telling you about the 50,000 online courses I want to take. One of them coding, another one tourism related, so typical me decided instead of finishing either of those, to start a Geology course. 😂

La Gomera Roque de Agando
a pic of me at Roque de Agando (a volcanic plug) on La Gomera island

At least I stayed on Khan Academy instead of signing up for yet ANOTHER free online course provider. Plus I have a new notebook to use, a Leuchtturm1917 dupe which I’ll show you in an upcoming stationery post. The course is Cosmology and Astronomy covering everything from the Big Bang to black holes, but I skipped straight to the Earth geological and climatic history unit to get stuck into some volcano stuff. (I’ll go back over the rest soon, I promise) 😇

High school was a long time ago so this is a nice refresher and timely seeing as we have an active volcanic eruption happening here on the Canary Islands on La Palma island. Today is actually a month since the eruption started and it’s not showing any signs of stopping. I’ve always been fascinated with volcanoes and islands in some way but now it feels like the right time to learn again and really be aware of my surroundings.

Have you ever been to a volcanic island?

On This Day 2020

  • Day 37/100 Days of Code
    • Worked on my Basic Bunny project adding CSS to style the page

On This Day 2019

Poor Rambo isn’t feeling well today. We are having lots of cuddles, he’s got tummy ache poor thing. 🦊💖

  • Random Thoughts
    I think humans will eventually become the robots that we fear. I saw a documentary about body hacking or bio hacking where people have chips with their credit card details implanted in the back of their hands and so on…. was weird. Theres some odd implants and downright weird stuff with magnets, robotics and uploading brains. Have you seen the movie Transcendence or the Black Mirror episode with Miley Cyrus? That stuff scares me.
  • I started the MOZ Hubspot Academy SEO Training course today. I’ve taken SO many notes haha. I really like ‘The Library Metaphor’ as explained by Matthew Barby – great way of spelling it out, it clicked a few things into place in my busy mind.
  • I saw a job listing the other day that required ‘good physical appearance’ like WTF? Sure that’s a bit illegal. I think it meant looking pretty because it’s a retail position at a bag / accessories shop. I understand tidy presentation as in brushed hair, shaved/groomed and hygienic but that…? WTF?

On This Day 2012

Since the update all I can see are movies and tv shows on the GetGlue app. There are no video games or music checkins since in this new version.

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