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Geeky National Days

Behold the ultimate list of Geeky National Days. There seems to be a weird holiday or national day of something fun happening daily. Let’s not forget important health, environment and awareness days, I’ve added some of these along with regular events. Some national days are geekier than others, so what better to get them all together with the hashtags to join in.



February 5th – World Nutella Day 2023 #WorldNutellaDay
February 27th – National Retro Day 2023 #NationalRetroDay
February 29th – Rare Disease Awareness Day 2023 #ShowYourStripes


March 1st – Glanzmann’s Thrombasthenia Day 2023 #GlanzmannsThrombasthenia
March 6thTake Your Action Figure to Work Day 2023 #AFWD2023
March 10th – Mario Day 2023 (Mar10) #MarioDay
March 17th – St. Patrick’s Day 2023 #StPatricksDay
March 20th – Animal Crossing New Horizons 3rd Anniversary 2023 #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons
March 23rd – National Puppy Day 2023 #NationalPuppyDay
March 25th Waffle Day 2023 #WaffleDay
March 28th Earth Hour 2023 #EarthHour


April 1st – April Fools Day 2023 #AprilFoolsDay
April 22nd – Earth Day 2023 #EarthDay
April 23rd – World Book Day 2023 #WorldBookDay


May 4thStar Wars Day 2023 #MayTheForth #StarWarsDay


June 3rdNational Donut Day 2022 #NationalDonutDay
June 5thWorld Environment Day 2022 #WorldEnvironmentDay
June 6thNational Gardening Exercise Day 2022 #GardeningExerciseDay
June 10thNational Iced Tea Day 2022 #IcedTeaDay





October 5th – National Do Something Nice Day 2022 #DoSomethingNiceDay
October 13th – Ada Lovelace Day 2022 #AdaLovelaceDay Celebrating the world’s first computer programmer



This list is a work in progress and any days that I join in with will be linked. If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments and I will add them to the list.