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Geek Life May 2024

Geek Life May 2024 has been a busy month. Everyone saw the Northern Lights (not me lol), a new social network for gamers is gaining popularity and more LEGO collabs planned for 2024? Grab a drink or a snack and let’s dive in to see what’s been happening.


Let’s get into some gaming news:

If you post a lot of Nintendo Switch screenshots to X then this one is for you…. Nintendo are no longer supporting the share directly to X feature. There is a workout around, so either get used to the QR Code method of sharing to your device or upload them via the memory card. The new change goes into effect June 10th.

bye bye Nintendo Switch X API

Playstation plus monthly games for June have been announced and i’m very excited for one game in particular, can you guess which one? lol 🧽 Yeah could be Spongebob SquarePants The Cosmic Shake! 😅

Fall Guys released their Fall Forever update but I have to admit that I haven’t played much. I miss the OG Fall Guys which will probably be no surprise when you read about the next game in the round up.

Stumble Guys came to PlayStation May 14th they announced a Looney Toons collab but it seems that console version is still a little bit behind with mobile still dominating. I’m looking forward to new updates and like where they are headed. It’s giving early days of Fall Guys and I’m here for it.

Haiku games released Hidden Ruins and of course I downloaded it for my iPad! I’ve been looking for a non-console game I can chill with and play during siesta. This was a great choice. Indiana Jones meets escape room adventure is the best way to describe it. I will have a little review of it when I get further into the game.

Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader was a challenge to say the least! Keymailer and HandyGames kindly gave me a review copy to check out. The maths questions really tripped me up. Back in the day I was a fan of The Weakest Link so this was right up my street. Written review coming soon.

There’s a new gardening sim coming soon called Tiny Garden which is set inside what looks like a Polly Pocket toy case. If that sounds like your thing check it out on steam.

Farm For Your Life is a cute playstation game has everything you expect from a farming sim. Crops to collect and water, fences to fix, villagers to help and even a restaurant to create meals for the locals…. oh and ZOMBIES! Keymailer once again sent me a copy of the game to check out. I live streamed it so you can watch my thought process and first impressions below.

Forever Entertainment dropped the new Care Bears To The Rescue trailer which looks absolutely adorable! This is definitely on my list. It’s coming to all consoles in 2024. Although I’m an OG 80s Care Bears fan, this new style is very kawaii and I can’t wait to play it.

Outright Games announced future collabs with Mattel and new games including: Barbie Project Friendship, Monster High: Skulltimate Secrets and Matchbox Driving Adventures. To say I’m a little bit excited about this is an understatement. As an Outright Games ambassador I’ll be able to give you a first look at these new games and maybe even do some giveaways!


LEGO are doing a Wicked Collab! The LEGO WICKED sets drop October 1st 2024! They’re going to be popular….


Canva announced new features and layout at their keynote! As a long time user of Canva’s free plan I think they have finally convinced me to upgrade. It’s going to make life so much easier. I’ve been using Vista Create but I think Canva just has more features and is a bit more user friendly.

Convert Kit have an amazing offer with their new newsletter plans and you can now get 10,000 subscribers for free. This is great news for small creators and because of this I was able to make the switch over from Substack. You can sign up to Cuteek’s newsletter here psst lol:

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    FUZE it’s like goodreads for gamers, a social networking app with a strong focus on games. I like where this is headed and have already seen a lot of friends in the gaming community move most of their conversation over there.

    Twitter is officially gone as urls are all redirected to X. People are complaining that the bots are worse than ever, after a surge of daily follows which don’t show up in notifications, they are now clicking like on every single reply. Some users have said that reporting them directly to X is proving worthless. It seems the app is on thin ice and things really need to change. I do have a feeling that X will change over the Summer, adding the video platform Vine back into action.


    Beetlejuice 2 Trailer dropped! The juice is loose. Are you hyped for the new Beetlejuice film? I like how it seems like they kept everything that we loved about the first film.

    It’s Showtime!

    The Vampire Diaries re-watch: I was all about Stefan at first but now I’m team Delena – forgot how annoying Elena was as a new vampire, managed to get through seasons 3 and into 4 this month but it’s been slow! The whole Silos storyline has me yawning and I feel like it could have been done in two episodes. I was sad about Jeremy though.

    Loot and Acapulco are both on Apple tv+ and my free subscription ends in June so I hope I get to finish watching them in time. They are more lighthearted than TVD and business comedy, Acapulco I really relate to working in tourism marketing.

    Books & Studying

    I’ve added books and studying into one category here because I think they go hand in hand.

    Gary Vaynerchuk’s book Day Trading Attention finally dropped this month and as a big fan of his content it was a must buy. Still waiting on my hardback copy as you know I’m going to be highlighting, dog earring the corners and writing notes.

    My current Duolingo streak is 1,294 and I will be making more Duolingo videos very soon I promise. I know they go down well with our YouTube community.

    In an effort to up my game and make Cuteek a nicer experience for you, I’ve been studying up on GeneratePress. There will be new features coming to the site soon including a gallery. Watch this space!

    That was a long one! Anything on your radar or something you would add to the list? Let me know in the comments!

    Thanks for reading,
    Vikki 💚🎮💗