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Geek Life Lately 33

Hello! 🤓 How are you? It’s been a while since the last Geek Life Lately, two months in fact! I’ve still been tinkering behind the scenes with the Daily Geek Blog project which archives my social media presence all the way from 2008 to 2021. It’s quite the job but I’m happy with it so far and happy with the new direction this blog is taking.

cuteek geek life lately 33
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Oh and guess what? I finally got round to making a work with me page and fixed my about page. They can still do with some improvements but they are much better than what I had before. 😅

Time for a round up of what I’ve been reading, playing, listening to and in general.


Since leaving social media I’ve had time to work on some blog draft ideas that never came to light and today I published Toilets in Video Games. It’s a light hearted post that I hope gives you a few giggles. 💩

Over on YouTube I made a few changes and of course the main stars are now my family dogs Chester and Cooper. I love making little videos of them for family and thought why not share them as Shorts. 💖


After a really enjoyable play-through LEGO DC Super Villains, I found myself craving more LEGO games.

Instead of buying new games I shopped my gaming backlog and got back into LEGO Harry Potter. This was the first LEGO video game I played back in 2018 so I didn’t really know about collecting characters and stuff even with about 20 hours of play. Now I have more of an idea and have since watched all of the Harry Potter films so I have a better idea of the story.


As soon as I heard that Mel Robbins had a new book out I just had to get it. I enjoyed Mel’s audiobook of The 5 Second Rule a lot. Luckily the Libby app had a digital copy of The High Five Habit and I was able to borrow it, although I may purchase it in the future as it has really spoken to me and yes, I keep seeing hearts everywhere. 💖


I’m still going strong with my Duolingo streak, currently over 500 days! I began a new home routine where I do a quick 25 minute clean in the mornings before I start work in our home office, so listening to Duolingo podcasts as I clean is my new favourite thing and I’m learning about some really interesting people.


Working out has become a nice habit of mine lately and I’m still working hard at being Fit at 40. I’m liking going on walks, cycling on my indoor bike and have cut out breakfast cereal. I’m not gluten intolerant but I feel like I have some gut sensitivity issues with it.


Right now I’m watching Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 1 on TV. It’s a cloudy afternoon and felt like the perfect combo for blogging.

Last week we finished watching the latest season of Top Boy on Netflix. This season has been so good and I love how it took us to Spain, Morocco and Liverpool. There are some powerful storylines in this one, along with plot twists a savage ending and some very interesting characters.

Curtis played by Howard Charles has to be one of my favourites. He plays an arms dealer from Liverpool and although his Scouse accent was a bit off at times, his acting is spot on. I think everyone was scared of him. Here’s a clip of Curtis’ Most Evil Moments, spoiler alert btw.

Hello Doooshayyyyne 😆

Let me know in the comments what you have been watching, gaming, reading, listening to.

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