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A Workout Date With Myself

Ring Fit Adventure Planks

Fit By 40: Day 6/14 Ring Fit Adventure Challenge One of my favourite excuses for not working out is that my mat needs cleaning or the floor needs mopping. So I cleaned them both and …

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Ring Fit Adventure Club

Ring Fit Adventure Club | Fitness Gaming Motivation

Need motivation to play Ring Fit Adventure? Be honest, how many layers of dust are gathered on top of your poor Ring Fit Adventure hoop? I’ve shoved mine in a drawer it was getting that …

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Fit By 40

Fit By 40 | The journey to getting fit by my 40th birthday

Getting Fit Before I Turn Forty! How is it possible that I will be turning 40 later this year? 😂😭 I honestly can’t even. I decided it was a good time as any to really …

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100 Days of Yoga Challenge

100 Days Of Yoga Challenge

Are you feeling a bit meh with 2020 and looking for a challenge? I was feeling like that so I decided to make the commitment to 100 Days of Yoga (I nearly wrote Yoda haha). …

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100 Days Of Fitness

100 Days Of Fitness Challenge

Welcome to my 100 Days Of Fitness Journey! At the end of December a funny but embarrassing thing happened. We were on a walk with Rambo and he got tired, when this happens he just …

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Fitbit Adventures Guide

Fitbit Adventures Guide

There’s nothing like a Fitbit challenge to get me power walking an extra loop around the block. The trophy hunter in me loves collecting the badges and seeing where I place on the leaderboard each …

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30 Days of Yoga Challenge

30 Days of Yoga

Did you know I recently turned into a couch potato? I’m blaming the hot Canary Island sunshine and binging on Lost for the last 2 months. Alas, it’s time to fix that so I started …

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