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As a blogger I think it’s vital to support other bloggers in my niche. What niche is that you ask? The Geek Blog niche! Yes we exist! Over the years my blog has changed and grown with me, been hacked, deleted by Blogger by mistake and I’ve had to start ...

As a blogger I think it’s vital to support other bloggers in my niche. What niche is that you ask? The Geek Blog niche! Yes we exist!

Over the years my blog has changed and grown with me, been hacked, deleted by Blogger by mistake and I’ve had to start from scratch more than once. When I started blogging, there was no Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. MySpace and Geocities were the in thing and where I started sharing my thoughts online.

Fantastic Geek Bloggers and Where to Find Them

I love to find new Geek blogs to read, but they can be very difficult to find in the swirling mass that is the Lifestyle Bloggers niche. #LBloggers is one of the most popular hashtags on Twitter and it seems that everyone is using it. But what about Geek Blogs? A quick look on there and there are only a handful of people using it, I will raise my hand and say I’m guilty of not using this hashtag as much as I should. I think this is because there is some confusion over whether to use Geek Blogger or Geek Bloggers.

A simple Twitter search for the term ‘geek blogger’ shows quite a few accounts, who aren’t even writing about fandoms and nerdiness but are using the keyword ‘geek’, ‘nerd’ or ‘dork’ in usernames, it’s quite disappointing when you go to their blogs and see nothing of the nerdy nature. Nada! (That’s why I decided to compile this list….)

3D Printed Pokémon Figures

Please don’t feel like you have to have to include the latest Mac lipstick into your blog to fit in. Also don’t feel like you should know everything about Spiderman if you really don’t like the franchise. I should know, I’ve been there! I do like makeup, but I don’t find it exciting enough to write 10 consecutive posts about it. (That’s just me) I don’t like most super hero films and hardly visit the cinema. Does that make me any less of a geek?
(psst, I only just finished watching the Harry Potter films and I still haven’t finished the books! I do have an adorable Harry Potter Funko Pop though!!!)

It does seem that certain types of bloggers are more likely to be given PR opportunities and invited to events, but I just think we need to make a bit more noise in the blogosphere. There are opportunities for Geek Lifestyle bloggers, we just have to know where to look and get a little bit creative. I got to work with Dyson a couple of years ago which was amazing!

Just be you! (I know there are some awesome geek bloggers who do have makeup items in their posts too but that is usually cosplay makeup or nerd inspired shortly followed by a post about Funko Pops, a video game review or geek fashion. They are being themselves! And hello can we just think about the geeky makeup that has been released in the last few years? Espionage Cosmetics have makeup in freakin’ Gameboy cartridges and Stardew Valley nail wraps!! It doesn’t get much nerdier than that!

I don’t want to get into the whole debate of ‘what makes a geek?’ I know there are different types and we can nerd out about all kinds of things as you will see in this epic list of Geek Bloggers that I can’t wait to share with you. (I will be adding to it over time but as it’s such a big post I needed to hit publish ASAP)

A Geek Girl’s Guide

Website: AGeekGirlsGuide.com


Estellosaurus Blog

Estelle is an awesome lady who has the brightest collection of clothing I’ve ever seen and mermaid hair to match.

Self proclaimed cat whisperer Estelle writes what she likes, with a sprinkle of nerdy and sparkle. What I like about Estellosaurus blog is that each post is a surprise. It could be a fun haul one week, some cute stationery another or cool enamel pins the next. Estelle also writes book reviews and shares Youtube videos about living with a disability.

She has a fun sense of humour and reminded me how amazing The Rugrats are! Remember Reptar?!

Website: Estellosaurus.co.uk

Pretty Geekery

Pretty Geekery Geek Bloggers

Celeste from Pretty Geekery has one the loveliest Instagram feeds ever. You can find everything from tried and tested Harry Potter recipes to the most awesome unboxings, cute things, cat pics and videogames.

Website: @PrettyGeekery

Totally Emily

The Mini Mermaid | Geek Bloggers

If you can’t get enough of geeky wishlists then you have to check out TotallyEmily. Emily does an amazing job of curating wishlists of Funko Pops, makeup and plushies with a sprinkle of Pusheen here and there.

This is such a lovely geeky blog which always has a little Funko Pop feature to brighten your day along with geeky rambles and makeup recommendations.

Website: TotallyEmily.com

Geek Blogger Facebook Groups

We shouldn’t have to join Facebook groups for blogs that we don’t really like or have intentions of reading just to get our blogs seen.

There are several Facebook groups specifically for Geek Bloggers, I’m sure I will add more to this list in the future.

Geek Girls Bloggers has 300+ members and growing. A positive place for Geek Girls to read and share the latest geek blog posts.

Geek Blogs Unite a fun group for geek bloggers created by Michelle from A Geek Girl’s Guide with a focus on bringing the community together.

BuJo Gamer Girls is not strictly for bloggers but gamer girls who nerdily track their game play in bullet journals. It’s a lot of fun to see other people’s layouts and see new ways to track achievements.

It’s so nice to see the #geekbloggers and #geeklifestyle hashtags being used so much on instagram!

I’m feeling like as a community we need to raise our voices a little more and let our geek flag fly. Don’t settle into the other niches because you feel like you have to.
We should also encourage those who do write in other niches to join in when they do have a nerdy post to share.

Let me know in the comments of more geek lifestyle blogs to check out.

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Geek Bloggers You Should Follow

*This post contains affiliate links. A girl’s got to fund her stationery addiction somehow.

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