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Gangstar Vegas

What games are you playing this Summer? I’ve just discovered an awesome Grand Theft Auto style game called Gangstar Vegas by Gameloft.

Gangstar Vegas

I’m a firm believer that gaming is gaming, so I don’t care if it’s on my XBOX 360 or my trusty iPad 2 original. Mobile gaming can be a little awkward using the screen to move your avatar in Gangstar Vegas but, on the plus side I can upload my gameplay VERY easily.

Drunk Person Glitch

This is hilarious and made me laugh a little too much. I totally thought this guy had drank a few too many vinos on the strip, when he stumbled out in front of me. It turns out if you assault someone in the street with your fists, then a nearby person will cower with fear at the sight of you and start to tumble about the streets like a drunk. If you chase them it’s more fun. 🙂

Me lo paro.. el Taxi

Have you heard that incredibly cheesy but catchy song El Taxi by Osmani Garcia and Pitbull? It’s all I could think of when I hijacked a taxi. I just had to make an instagram video of my writing off the cab with El Taxi as the background track. Ha!


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So far so good. At the moment I’m acquiring cars to sell at the chop shop and then playing Black Jack at the Casino so I can purchase property.

Gangstar Vegas is a free game with in app purchases (like most nowadays). Did I just say nowadays? *insert grandma emoji here* If you like GTA then I’m sure you are going to enjoy this.

I plan on making more videos, so it would mean the world to me if you subscribe to my Youtube channel. HOPEFULLY I will be making some more gaming videos soon, it’s something I would LOVE to do.

Do you have any tips for me? What do you like to see in a gaming video? When watching I personally don’t like them to be too long. Walkthroughs are ok for that, but I’m looking at making shorted funny clips of my own unique gameplay shall we call it? Haha.