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Zumba Fitness World Party Game

Zumba have announced the next video game in the series Zumba Fitness World Party! It’s going to be available for XBOX 360 Kinect, Nintendo Wii and WiiU in October and XBOX one later on in …

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XBOX One Reveal Live Blog

The day has finally arrived! The day of the big #XBOXReveal is finally here! I’m really hoping to see the new XBOX console today in the live event, I’m hoping for some fun Kinect news …

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Atari Breakout Google Secrets

Today is the 37th birthday of the retro game Atari Breakout so of course Google had a little Easter Egg waiting for us all today. Breakfast was very interesting to say the least. To get …

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Campus Life Cheats: Game of Thrones?

Since the game Campus Life is so addictive, not only am I playing it on my iPad but also on my iPod touch. My iPad game is a couple of weeks old but the iPod …

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Campus Life Game Review

I’m a big fan of the Facebook App game, Sorority Life although I dislike the fact that it’s not available in iPad app form anymore, so it’s hard to keep up with. I was searching …

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