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At Cuteek we love gaming! You can find me playing cozy games with a warm drink and a blanket or working out with a fitness game and everything in between. Here we share a variety of game reviews and video game merch we think you might like. If you are looking to level up your gaming room or a unique gift for a gamer, this is the place to look with a focus on the cute and geeky stuff.

The Latest in Gaming

Animal Crossing New Leaf screenshot


Animal Crossing New Leaf Update #1

I’ve just blown the dust off my Nintendo 3DS XL (Limited Edition Luigi – incase you were wondering) and checked in on my Animal Crossing New Leaf town of Peken. To say it had a few weeds here and there …
Nintendo World New York Gift Bag

Gaming, Lifestyle

Nintendo World New York Mug

My sister-in-law visited the Nintendo World New York store and brought me back this amazing mug. Hold onto your blue shells! Behold the best mug in the world! It has Mario and friends on it and it’s huge, so it …
Mario kart 8 Wii U Game


Mario Kart 8 Wii U – Finally!

My lovely man wanted to take me for some ice tea by the beach this afternoon before work. We parked up and walked down to the parade of cafes and restaurants, taking in the gorgeous sandy scene when he received …
Family guy The Quest For Stuff

Gaming, Mobile Gaming

Family Guy The Quest For Stuff Review

There’s nothing I love more than my weekly dose of Family Guy, it’s hilarious and rude and can really make me belly laugh. When I heard there was a game (which my E has been addicted to since he downloaded …


Disney City Girl Pretty Little Liars Event

Pretty Little Liars and Disney City Girl have teamed up once again for Halloween with the Disney City Girl Pretty Little Liars Event and to celebrate the nearing of the PLL Halloween Special. Much like when we had to collect …


Disney City Girl: FREE Spin Token

Hey Disney City Girl gamers here is a FREE Spin Token for the Autumn Spinner. This will only work once but if you are lucky you may even win the Gold Sequined Ballgown! I got the wedge laceup rain boots …


Disney City Girl: FREE Venetian Rug

I haven’t played Disney City Girl on Facebook in quite a while as I’ve been busy and playing other video games so I missed out on the whole Venice part of the game, but I will still update the blog …
Zumba Dance App


Zumba Dance App

Now I have absolutely no excuse not to exercise when I’m away from home. Today Zumba released their brand new app for tablets, Zumba Dance! I found out about the release via their Youtube video and had to download it …


Zumba Fitness World Party

Zumba Fitness World Party is the fifth Zumba game in the series. It blends dance moves with latino music for a great workout and a must have for fans of fitness gaming. Zumba Fitness World Party is available for XBOX …


XBOX One Reveal Live Blog

The day has finally arrived! The day of the big #XBOXReveal is finally here! I’m really hoping to see the new XBOX console today in the live event, I’m hoping for some fun Kinect news and improved tracking. New XBOX …


Atari Breakout Google Secrets

Today is the 37th birthday of the retro game Atari Breakout so of course Google had a little Easter Egg waiting for us all today. Breakfast was very interesting to say the least. To get this little secret breakout game, …