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Game Embargo

On This Day 2021

Some exciting news, I have been playing a new video game this week, that is currently under strict game embargo so I can’t tell you anything yet (even though I want to share so many screenshots) but I will share my review as soon as it’s lifted. It’s fun and I think you are going to like it. 😄

Bitmoji waving from laptop

In other fitness game news I am aching all over as I hit level 14 of Ring Fit Adventure. 😆

I’m feeling a little bit anxious to as my COVID-19 vaccine is on Tuesday. I know it has to be done though. I think it’s because I’ve known about my appointment for a month, I’d rather just be told a week or two beforehand. Friends and family my age have all started going for their first shot this week. My nephew currently has COVID which he picked up at high school. He’s been poorly at home all week with a bad cough and very low energy.


  • Random Thoughts
    • That feeling when you are in the middle of decluttering, but it’s not going to plan.
    • Some blog events and opportunities are created with only certain niches in mind. It can leave others feeling left out. The only event I’ve been to was for Dyson and it was awesome. There really needs to be more collaboration opportunities for geek blogs.
    • I has a beauty blog years ago to try and fit in but it was pointless.


  • Minimalism Journey
    • Digital declutter part 2.
    • New fresh Animal Crossing Summer desktop image installed and sent 100’s of useless files to the trash.
  • Watching The Little Mermaid.
  • Bedtime read, Geekerella by Ashley Poston and a sneaky double chocolate chip cookie.
Geekerella book and a Chocolate chip cookie. Why not?
I enjoyed this book so much!
  • I have to store away my duvet from June to October because it’s so warm. We have the thinnest Summer duvet from IKEA for Winter. Also got a Dyson fan for nights until the air con comes next week.
  • I’d never buy a bladed fan again. So much easier to clean and it comes with a little remote control. I actually got my Dyson fan for free at the only blogging event I’ve ever been to 3 yrs ago. It’s still going strong. I recently tested the Dyson hairdryer out – it’s amazing! Saving up for that though, it’s a bit pricey!


Sneaky 3 hour siesta…


  • Had an awesome catch up two of my high school friends this afternoon – it’s been too long!
  • My Mum and Dad are adorable, came back to them baking me a farewell lemon drizzle cake 😍🍰 it was yummy haha.
Homemade lemon drizzle cake
Mum and Dad’s homemade lemon drizzle cake


Please tell me why they put this horrendous singer on tv and cancelled El Don de Alba?


We went to Blackpool on the train, it cost 12 pounds each.


Just got back from one of my famous power walks – on the up side I’m feeling really healthy – on the downside is there any need for the super sweating?


  • Going to spend some time on our roof garden.
  • Eating burnt toast.
  • Watching Psychoville
  • Going to bed, feeling yuk.

Thanks for reading,
Vikki 🍦🎮