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Geek Life Lately 14

Welcome back to Geek Life Lately with all of my fave geeky things from this week. This week I’m talking about Barbie and some fave TV shows including The X-Files!

Barbie You Can Be Anything Dolls

Barbie launched a new line of dolls including petite, tall and curvy Barbie which of course has everyone talking. The new #YouCanBeAnything campaign not only includes new body shapes but also modern hair colours and styles and finally more skin tones.

Curvy Barbie and new Styles for 2016
Curvy Barbie and new Styles for 2016

Mattel also announced their new Career of the Year 2016 doll is Game Developer Barbie. People are saying she looks more like a Charlie from Supernatural doll which after a little googling I have to agree with. (I don’t watch Supernatural)

Game Developer Barbie
Game Dev Barbie

Game dev Barbie is so MUCH better than the offerings from a few years ago in the shape of Computer Engineer Barbie. *Cringe*

Computer Engineer Barbie
Computer Engineer Barbie

The X-Files is back!

Can we just have a moment to appreciate the fact that Mulder and Scully are back on our screens please? Here in Spain we had to wait a few days after the US for The X-Files to air so I was trying to hide from all of the spoilers.

The X-Files
The X-Files return

The last time I watched was in the 90’s so it was great to see Fox and Dana again. Could it be a little bit more gory than I remember? I’m really enjoying where this storyline is going!

Last week’s episode was just everything I hoped for. It reminded me why I used to be such a big X-Files fan all those years ago. Loved the twist on that one too, plus all the Easter Eggs!


Another show I’m nerdy about is Narcos! It’s about Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar and the events leading up to his capture.

Actor Wagner Moura does an amazing job playing this part considering he couldn’t speak a word of Spanish when he got the job! He also put on 40lbs to look like Escobar.

Narcos Pablo Escobar Plata o Plomo Gif
Plata o Plomo

There are a couple more versions of the Escobar story on Netflix so I might give them a go too. News is that Javier Bardem is set to play the lead in a movie version of the story this year. Can’t wait for that!

Once Upon a Time

I’m getting stuck back into Once Upon a Time. How awesome is Emma Swan as The Dark One? I’m pretty sure we can’t trust King Arthur, he was trying too hard to bromance with Prince Charming looking for that mushroom.

Emma Swan Hair Dry Shampoo
When you use too much dry shampoo

I was also looking forward to some Captain Swan time, but now I’m not sure with Dark Swan. One thing that annoys me so much is her hair. Rumple’s Dark One hair is so cool but Emma’s just looks like she sprayed too much dry hair shampoo on a Sunday morning haha.

How was your week? What TV shows have you been loving lately?

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