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Game Backlog

This is my effort to sort out my game backlog once and for all. Listed in tables are all the games I own, currently playing, hiatus and review copies. Links will take you to reviews and or YouTube playlists as I make my journey. I tried a variety of different gaming backlog apps but nothing was working for me and I thought why not add them to my blog?

These are games I’ve played, started or am currently playing. Those marked with pause are those I’m likely to come back to at some point.

Ring Fit AdventureNintendo Switch🎮 Currently PlayingFitness Game Club
Nintendo Switch SportsNintendo Switch🎮 Currently PlayingFitness Game Club
Fall GuysPlayStation 4🎮 Currently PlayingDaily Grind
Animal Crossing New HorizonsNintendo Switch💤 PausedIsland Tour Update Due
Star Wars Battlefront 2015PlayStation 4💤 PausedPlays Badly
BugsnaxPlayStation 4🏆 Platinum | DLC 0/3 Free Review Copy
Agatha Christie: The ABC MurdersPlayStation 4💤 Paused 80% | 🏆 12/15
Alex Kidd in Miracle World DXPlayStation 4💤 Paused 28% | 🏆 6/17Free Review Copy
Grim Fandango RemasteredPS4/Switch💤 Paused 31% | 🏆 19/48
The Day of The TentaclePlayStation4💤 Paused 52% | 🏆 34/58
LEGO Harry PotterPlayStation 4💤 Paused
StrayPlayStation 4💤 Paused
Little Friends Dogs and CatsNintendo Switch👀 Did Not FinishTraded In


These are the platforms I’m using, including the amount of games I want to play, currently playing and completed.

NameOwnedCurrently PlayingCompleted
PlayStation 411
Nintendo Switch2
PlayStation 3
iOS Games

Games Wishlist

With all that said, how dare I have a games wishlist? Of course there will be games in my collection that I never get round to playing but wish list items are there to remind me what to save up for and what I really want. I am trying to become a minimalist after all so that includes digital copies.

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