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Welcome to the Geeky Gallery!

A few months ago I quit instagram. I recently started using it again but in a different way, so from now on you will find all of my daily photos what I would have shared, over here instead.

This includes daily snaps, selfies anything I have the urge to share, plus gaming screenshots.
I started this project a long time ago but life happened.

Please bare with me as I sort out thousands of photos LOL.


Here’s what I would have shared on Instagram this week:

Geeky Gallery

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Rambo the Silky Terrier in his Swimming Pool
My beloved Silky Terrier Rambo. He lives on in my heart 🖤 2004-2020
Animal Crossing New Horizons Pool Table
Animal Crossing New Horizons screenshots with snarky comments.
Alpro Ethiopian Coffee and Soya Caramel
Click here for your daily coffee fix, iced coffee, Nespressos and more.