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Galaxy High

Galaxy High!

Do you remember Galaxy High School? It was such a good cartoon. It made me want to go to high school in Space so badly, I thought I would fit in better there than a normal high school.

Not very popular, not very cool
  • Gaming
    • Today I’m celebrating 140 YouTube subscribers!
    • I’m very new to streaming, so 1 hour feels right for me before I get tired. I reckon it’s totally personal and depends on the energy and comfort zone.
    • I’m hoping to stream Fortnite although I’m terrible at building haha.
    • I’ve been very random with the few streams I’ve done, no schedule yet. Was aiming for Sunday afternoons but been busy last 2 weeks.
    • Started playing Ratchet and Clank in my siesta today.
YouTube Subscribers Milestone 140
thank you so much!!!
  • Watching
    • The Lost Boys is an amazing film, the soundtrack is incredible too.

On This Day 2019

WOAH! They are redesigning Sonic!

On This Day 2016

I just sneezed and someone outside in the street shouted ‘Salud!’ HAHAHAHA