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Tenerife and Fridge Probs

Hi geeks, did you miss me? I’ve just returned from a fantastic trip to the island of Tenerife. Despite taking all of my gadgets on holiday, I took some time away from my networks and really enjoyed spending time exploring the island with my Fiancé.

Volcano geeks standby, because I will tell you all about our trip to Mt.Teide, stargazing and what it’s like to stay in a hotel up a volcano! Not forgetting the fun day out to Loro Parque, eating fresh seafood at Garachico and making friends with the local cats.

Map of Tenerife

My trusty battered blog ideas book was where I was old school blogging every day and my pink Filofax for short notes. I can’t wait to share my travel diary and of course my favourite photos of Tenerife with you!

It’s hard to get holiday blues when home is just a hop skip and jump (a boat ride) away but I still had to do all the usual post holiday washing, putting the suitcases away and so on.

Anyway, while we were away our beloved icy fridge decided to call it a day. I’m no fridge expert, but it looks like the house got too hot, and the fridge just said ‘Aw hell no!’.

Although I got up early (and learned how to type again – a week away from my iMac eek!), I’ve been doing laundry and trying to repair the fridge for most of the day. Turns out it’s probably the thermostat.

This is just a little update really, more posts on the way! 🙂

Have you been on holiday this year?