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Geek Life Lately 3

It’s Halloween, everybody scream!

Hey friends, welcome to another Geek Life Lately! With less than 10 weeks left of the year, conversation on has already turned to Christmas and all things festive, but let me tell you about my Halloween week which is also when I celebrate my birthday!

Free Nintendo stuff

Nintendo treated me this week, to celebrate the opening of their Theme Shop. First they sent me an email with an exclusive code to download the Spooky Cat theme for my DS, then they sent me a Birthday email with 50 free stars via Club Nintendo. Thanks Nintendo!

Nintendo DS Spooky Cat theme

Spanish Class

My Mondays always start off with a Spanish class, which by the time I’ve finished, my case of ‘The Mondays’ has gone and is replaced with a feeling of ‘right let’s do this’. E and I went for lunch at one of our favourite bars, which does really nice home cooked food.

I treated myself to some new magazines, (in Spanish) they are a lot cheaper than the English imported ones. It’s been a while since I bought a fashion magazine, so I was really pleased to find loads of free samples within the pages of Spanish Elle.

Go shorty, it’s your Birthday

Some birthday parcels arrived which I was very excited about! I will do a separate post of my gifts, but I just have to show you my amazing lilac / pink Adidas Originals, a gift from E. He really does know me well.

Pink Adidas Originals


I was invited to a party on Halloween, but ended up with a migraine right before I was headed out. I’d been ready to go out for a couple of hours, so imagine me sat at my desk dressed like this:

Other Coraline Costume

Can you guess who I am? Yep, it’s Coraline! I wanted to put a little twist on it to make my costume a bit creepier and so I made some button eyes and drew on the dolly stitched smile in the style of Other Coraline.

So despite feeling unwell on Halloween, after changing into my Pjs and having some medicine, I felt well enough to enjoy some spooky films on tv. I started off mild, with Oz the Great and Powerful and progressed onto A Nightmare on Elm Street, it was strange seeing Johnny Depp as a teen! Plenty of popcorn and jelly sweets were munched.. and nightmares had later on.

Did you see my custom made Zombie Mermaid Doll yet?

My week in stats:

noms I ate:

Happy Meal
Crackers, cheese and pickles
Nutella Crepe
Chocolate Brownie
All of the Halloween treats


The Vampire Diaries
Jane the Virgen
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Trick r Treat
Freddy Vs Jason
The Big Bang Theory
New Moon #teamJacob


31,601 steps

video games played:

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff
Animal Crossing New Leaf

How was your week? What did you do for Halloween?

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