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Fortnitemares Halloween Event

Fortnitemares 2022

Tis’ the season of screams, bad dreams, and all monstrous things.

Time to party with DJ Lyka. Fortnitemares 2022 runs from October 18th to November 1st 2022.

Fortnitemares 2020

Fortnitemares 2019

If your video game adds Halloween content, I am there. Get ready for Fortnitemares 2019! The spooky event runs from 29th October 2019 to 4th November 2019.

Fortnitemares 2019 Halloween
Getting ready for Fortnite Halloween event – Fortnitemares

Ghoulish creatures have overrun Fortnite and an ancient evil has found the new island. Squad up to survive, it’s about to get real.

I love everything about this the pink and purple, the Point Horror style font and the whole Halloween gaming vibe.